Taking Care With Sara Weinreb

The founder of Imby sits down with Taylor to reflect on her Take Care assessment results. Sara Weinreb launched Imby in April of 2021, a virtual community space "for people who give a shit about co creating a more just and equitable future." She was a bit surprised to learn that she scored highest in Body Acceptance which falls under our Physical Dimension of well being.

How Body Acceptance Shows Up for Sara

A Lifelong Diagnosis

Four years ago, Sara was diagnosed with a manageable, lifelong cancer. As an herbalist, she has the opportunity to study biology and enjoys learning about all the ways in which our bodies work to keep us alive and well. Despite living with a chronic illness, Sara looks to her abilities to provide her with moments of gratitude for her body and the work that she does.

Acknowledging Privilege

Sara understands that her perspective on body acceptance is privileged as a white woman who is cisgendered, thin, and able bodied. Thoughts about her body are not as frequent for her as they might be for others.

Body Neutrality and Awareness

Body neutrality says to accept your body as is, placing the focus on it's abilities and movements rather than it's physical characteristics. Sara's body acceptance exists here. It's the act of coming to terms with your body and heightening awareness around your body, as well.

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