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Self-care is not a trend. Self-care is a skill you build. Inner Workout increases your ability to listen within and to respond with love.


The namesake Inner Workout class incorporates restorative movement, breathwork, meditation, and journaling to engage every aspect of you.



Where self-care meets self awareness

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“Inner Workout helps me reconnect with my body, mind, and spirit no matter how stressed or overwhelmed I feel before I walk into (or log onto) a class. I love how holistically it integrates my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves. After every class I feel grounded and whole.” 

– Amelia

Inner Workout is truly amazing. As someone who really values her faith and spirituality, I had been looking for a way to combine caring for my body and caring for my soul all at once. Inner Workout has given me exactly that! Taylor leads in a way that makes me feel comfortable being vulnerable on my mat and taking risks to connect with myself mind, body, and soul. And it’s really empowering to do all of that in a room full of others who are doing the same thing. I always leave feeling refreshed, loosened up in every sense of the word, and with a fresh perspective to take into my week.

– Rachel