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Each episode, we skip the small talk and get straight into:
  • Nuanced conversations about self-care and inner work where you’ll feel understood instead of overlooked
  • Practices you can try as soon as the episode ends
  • Reflective prompts that connect you and your experience to the conversation
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Like talking to a friend who reminds you to take care of yourself

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The Monu(mental) season of Inner Warmup is about the relationship between major life changes and our mental well-being. We’re exploring why we seek out change, our responses when change chooses us, what monumental life events can teach us, and how we can navigate life transitions.

The support season

This season is all about the power of receiving support. We’re moving away from away from the idea that we have to do everything on our own, and we’re opening up possibilities for how to partner with others.

You'll hear conversations from a therapist, anti-diet culture dietitian, and more about getting the support you need on any budget.

The Playdate season

Play is a critical part of being human, but so often we deprioritize its importance in favor doing things that we deem to be more productive or valuable. Even well-intentioned inner work can get in the way of our play.

With the Playdate season of Inner Warmup, we're normalizing the importance of hobbies, play, and leisure in our lives by talking to brilliant guests about what they do outside of work.

The 'Strong Friend' season

You’ve heard the saying, “Check in on your strong friends.” But what do you do if you’re the strong friend?

We explored that question in this season of Inner Warmup. Tune in to hear about the three strong friend archetypes:

- the Picture Perfect Strong Friend
- the Caregiver Strong Friend
- the Intellectual Strong Friend

We talk with expert guests about strong friend behaviors and the skills recovering strong friends can build to feel more connected and supported.

The burnout season

After writing the book on self-care, our founder burned out. It was definitely embarrassing. Shouldn’t she have transcended burnout by now?!

But that brush with burnout turned into a 🔥 season where we explore:

-What burnout is
-Why we struggle to admit we’re burned out
- How you can use the Take Care assessment to work through burnout
- How Taylor managed her burnout

And that’s just the highlights!

Press play on this season if you’re no stranger to burnout.

The archive

We published 90+ episodes before we transitioned into a seasonal format. Explore the archive for conversations on the Five Dimensions of Well-being, mental health, love, and more.

Kind words from listeners like you

Top 3 favorite podcast!

itsDajha from the United States

Inner Warmup was so necessary for me in 2022! As someone who’s always in their head, the open-ended reflection questions allowed me to explore, process & learn so many things about myself. I often listened on my way to work or on Sundays as a self-care ritual. In this latest season on Burnout… I felt so seen! I’m a mental health therapist & am currently experiencing burnout both professionally & personally, so I really appreciated this season in particular. So many of the conversations resonated deeply. Thank you Taylor for being so open & transparent about your experience with burnout. Enjoy your season of rest🤎

Much needed

Goody1128 from the United States

This show is a great resource for all who listen. I really do appreciate the vulnerability demonstrated by both the host and her guests. Well done!

An Incredible Self Care Resource

Kbrowniie from Canada

This podcast is a great reminder for me to check in with myself across all the dimensions of wellness! I love how Taylor asks such thought provoking questions in every episode that allow us to reflect and honour where we are in regards to our personal growth.

An essential

Flav_br from the United States

Taylor's podcasts have been part of my self care routine for a while now. Inner Warm up is my favorite podcast hands down.

Strong messages, lovingly delivered

Abskakslane from Australia

Taylor has a strong message that is lovingly delivered. I especially enjoyed the episode on people pleasing, I can so relate to not wanting to ruin the strong facade we’ve built and feeling that I don’t need help because I am the helper. Such a valuable description of navigating the fawn response.

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