Taking Care With Larissa May (Larz)

On this episode of Taking Care With, Taylor sits down with Larissa May (Larz) who is a global marketing expert and founder of Half The Story. Half The Story is a non-profit dedicated to helping the next generation develop healthy relationships with technology. 

Larz took our Take Care Assessment and scored highest Body awareness which falls under the Physical Dimension of Well Being. Want to hear her tips for connecting to your body, keep reading! Fun fact: Larz and Taylor attended Vanderbilt together, go Commodores!

Links To Connect With Larissa

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Larissa's Tips For Connecting To Your Body

Get Some Sleep

As a full-time entrepreneur, Larz averages between 8-10 hours of sleep per night. Getting an adequate amount of rest can improves stress, memory, and executive function, amongst many other health benefits. Larz says "you have to sleep your way to the top" and honestly, that sounds like a really great piece of advice.

Morning Body Scans

Each morning, Larz starts her day with a full body scan, a quick 1-2 minute mindfulness activity. "That one small act of mindfulness has actually made a huge difference for me, because I've learned how to have more grace and compassion for myself." A body scan provides you with the opportunity to check in with yourself and approach the day exactly as the person you are.

Understand What Works For You

Larz has anxiety and has developed autoimmune issues which have led her to really getting in tune with her body. She's made small changes in her diet such as reducing her caffiene and alcohol intake, removing gluten and keeping up with a practice to physically move her body in the mornings. When's the last time you took a moment to listen within? What does your body enjoy, what feels go to you?