Taking Care With Kenya Jackson-Saulters

Master workshop facilitator, Kenya Jackson-Saulters, MS, is a five-time published self-help author, certified spiritual coach and reiki master. With a formal background in psychology and nonprofit management. Kenya has always been drawn to the self-help industry, particularly areas that empower women. Most recently, Kenya has married her love for writing, spirituality, and mental health to help women pursue their passions in a healthy sustainable way.

Kenya took our self-care assessment and scored highest in the sub-dimension Connection To Something Bigger, which falls under the Bliss Dimension of Well-being. Keep reading to learn more about her tips for connecting.

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Kenya's Tips For Connecting To Something Bigger

1. Creating Space for Women

We all have a gift - something that has been divinely placed within us, allowing us to the opportunity to share our wealth with the world. Kenya’s gift of writing, healing, and educating is what she uses to inspire and motivate other women to “do something new, to look at things differently, to feel better about themselves.” Ready for some advice? Acknowledge and own your gifts. The next time you're feeling afraid or insecure about your business, ideas, or creations, remember your gift was specially made for you. Someone, somewhere, is waiting for you to share.

2. One on One Time With Nature

As the founder of The Outdoor Journal Tour, it’s no secret that Kenya enjoys being one with the natural world. She credits her ability to connect to something bigger to mother nature. “Mother Nature just kind of finds its way to grow and thrive, no matter what environment it's in. That's very inspiring to me, that helps me to kind of reconnect and ground…” Spring is here friends - it's time to get back outside.

3. A Card Pull A Day

Another way Kenya makes time to connect with herself and the universe is by setting aside private time to pull cards, reflect, and journal about the cards she’s received. She loves a “sassy” oracle deck and for all of you card deck pulling folks, you know that the sassier the deck, the more hard-hitting the message will be. Fun fact: during the pandemic, Kenya created her very own card deck called the Nature Meditations Deck. It’s a deck that can be used while exploring or spending time in nature, but don’t let a rainy day stop you from pulling a card. You can use this deck while inside and still receive the message that is just for you.