Taking Care With Jen Cui

Jen Cui is a holistic coach and the founder of Jen Cui Health. After experiencing depression, anxiety, and other health issues, Jen found her purpose in helping others their personal journeys. She now helps women to overcome challenges with perfectionism, negative self talk, and burnout.

As you know, Inner Workout has a free Take Care assessment that gives you some insights on how self care looks for you. Jen took the assessment and scored highest in Embodiment, which falls under the physical dimension.

Jen sat down with Taylor to share her self care practices around connecting to her body and how embodiment shows up in her every day life. If you haven't yet, take the assessment and let us know what you score highest in. Keep reading for Jen's tips!

How Jen Cui Stays Connected

Intentional Movement

Jen loves to stay active, she always has. Growing up she enjoyed playing sports but as she got older, her relationship with her body was met with some challenges. In order to take her power back, she decided to get some help and learned body awareness. Moving with an intention of self love helped her to find her flow.

Dancing, weightlifting, hiking, you name it, Jen just might like to do it!

Using Nourishment As A Guide

As movement helped Jen to gain control of her well being, intuitive eating has also played a role in her journey. With GI (gastrointestinal) issues showing up in her body, she knew it was time to come up with plan to best take care of herself. She began to test out the effects foods had on her body, and found that cauliflower and chick peas are not her digestive system's besties.

She has been vegan for 5 years, something she says is a bit hard to believe. "...I used to be a straight up carnivore. I would cry when my parents tried to make me eat vegetables." Today, she of course not only understands the importance of veggies, but sees her relationship with food as something more than a meal. For Jen, being vegan is not only about health but is also about playing a hand in helping the planet.

Trusting and Surrendering to Self

Knowing what your body needs is not always an easy thing to do, it can take some time . Jen suggests taking some time to simply explore your curiosities with your body. Do you need sleep? How much water do you need? How does your body feel when you do or eat certain things?

We are in constant conversation with ourselves. Trust that your body knows, surrender to your self awareness and see where it takes you.