Taking Care with Fair Pisuttisarun

Fair Pisuttisarun is one of the cofounders of MindTerra, a mental wellness brand dedicated to using writing and journaling to take care. She took Inner Workout's Take Care assessment and scored highest in connection to something bigger which falls under the bliss dimension.

Connecting to something bigger means that you are able to see yourself as apart of something larger than yourself, within the universe. Fair works in the healthcare industry, a field she's been interested in for some time due to her parent's chronic health conditions.

Mental wellness and healthcare can go hand in hand, as they are both areas that are catered to improving our lives. Read on to learn more about the ways in which Fair connects to her work and well being.

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Fair's Tips For Connecting

1. Spending time in nature

Fair recalls growing up in Thailand, taking trips to the countryside with her family to take in the views and run through the large fields. She now lives in the suburbs of Philadelphia and makes sure to get out into nature to keep herself feeling grounded and connected to the universe. Some of her favorite outings include visiting trails and going for walks in her neighborhood.

2. Another way to meditate

There are many ways for us to quiet our minds in order to connect with the outside world. Metta meditation is a form of Buddhist meditation that Fair utilizes in her daily life, focusing on cultivating and spreading love and kindness to all living things.

3. Remaining present

The Wisdom Dimension touches on presence but it's important to note that the act and practice of being present can show up in different aspects of our lives. Using our senses to notice things we may not normally pay attention to, to strengthen our awareness to self and the universe, is another way Fair maintains connection to something bigger.

What does connecting to something bigger look like for you?


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