Taking Care With Bess Matassa

On this week's episode of Inner Warmup, we are back with our last Taking Care With feature of the month!

Meet Bess Matassa! Based out of New York, Bess is the co-author of The Numinous Astro Deck (Sterling, 2019); the author of Zodiac Signs: Leo and Virgo (Sterling, 2020), and The Numinous Cosmic Year: Your Astrological Almanac (Aster, 2021). She has her PhD in Cultural Geography and has found a way to combine the worlds of astrology and geography into one! Bess took our Take Care Assessment and scored highest in Emotions which falls right under the mental and emotional dimension.

For tips and insights on how Bess connects to her emotions, keep reading!

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Bess' Tips On Connecting To Emotions

Experience Your Emotions Physically

Understand that your emotions are a part of your physical being, your very existence. In 2013, Bess experienced a traumatic moment in her life. While working with a therapist, she was able to actualize her feelings, she said she "...let them live as kinds of physicalized currents." Don't be afraid to let those tides overcome you.

Bring Your Emotions To Life

Welcome in your emotions as if they were a person walking into the room. Take time to feel them, ask them what they need, why they're here. Of course as a tarot reader and astrologer, Bess suggests pulling a card to help put a name to the face of your emotions.

Use Discernment When Sharing

Be sure to sit with your feelings, understand what's going on. Are you having feelings of escalation? Have you internally processed what your emotions are saying? It might be helpful to take some time to yourself before 'dumping' all of your thoughts and feelings on to those around you. And when you're ready, share!