Taking Care With Ayorinde Ifatunji

Ayorinde Ifatunji is a hip-hop/R&B barre instructor and advocate for holistic living. She is also the founder of a platform called Bright Eyed Joy, created to empower black women to do some self exploration through body movement, and reflective/compassionate living.

We invited Ayorinde to take our Take Care Assessment, she scored highest in the sub dimension of sleep which falls under the Mental and Emotional Dimension.

Sleep is a very important aspect to our daily lives. It's a time for our minds and bodies to recharge and recuperate. Without a good night's rest, you already know what the day ahead of you will look like. Ayorinde shared some wonderful tips on how to feel connected to your sleep patterns and behaviors. Keep reading and/or check out this episode of Taking Care With to learn more!

Ayorinde's Tips for Connecting To Sleep

  1. Assess Your Sleep and Mood

Ayorinde suggests taking an inventory of your sleep. You can start with writing down how many hours you slept and how you felt for a week to begin collecting data. Pay close attention to your mood and sleep patterns. Also, don't forget to take note of what your day was like leading up to bedtime. There are many outside factors such as stress, bedding, or foods you've consumed that can affect your sleep.

  1. Make Bedtime More Enjoyable

Ask yourself, what are some things you can add to your resting area to heighten your bedtime experience? Some ideas might be investing in a new mattress, new sheets, or adding more pillows. New bedding materials can be costly, so it's important to do some research, and create a budget to start finding the best deals. Happy sleep shopping!

  1. Create a Nighttime Routine

Think about ways that you can wind down in the evening. Some small rituals might be reading a book, establishing a skincare routine, or doing something more spiritual like meditating or prayer. Restorative yoga is also a great way to calm your mind and body before bed!