Did You Forget Something?

The top of the new year, for many, is a time to reflect and set intentions, goals, maybe even resolutions for the year. If this sounds like you, take a look back at what you have written down then ask yourself, did you forget anything?

In this episode, Taylor shares some insight on her new year reflection and the things that she forgot to consider.

Episode Transcript

Welcome back to Inner Warmup, where your inner work begins. My name is Taylor Elyse Morrison, creator of Inner Workout, and you as always are our expert guest. Thanks for being here. Let's start off the episode with our mindfulness moment. Today, what I want you to do is to feel your heartbeat without physically touching a part of your body. So turn your gaze inwards, and start to notice your heartbeat. See if you can feel that rhythm. Maybe you're feeling your pulse in your chest, maybe you're able to feel your heartbeat by tuning into your neck or your wrist or another part of your body. I love that practice as a really simple way to just ground and bring yourself back into your body. So let's move on to the interview. 

The question that we've got on the table today is did you forget something? Did you? We are three-ish weeks, (what is time!) into the new year. And you might realize that you forgot something. As you were doing your reflecting, your dreaming, your planning for 2022, you might notice that there was like an area of your life that you completely neglected as you were making your intentions for the year. Maybe there's something that you forgot with regards to your context or your current situation. Or maybe there's just kind of something that came out of left field, you didn't forget it, but you didn't account for it because you didn't know that it existed or was going to exist. For me personally, I have a tendency to create goals and intentions that have to do with work, and that have to do with finances and then I kind of leave the other things by the wayside.

It's funny, I was talking with one of the practitioners in my self-care support system with questions that I had, and realized midway through that I had only brought topics related to work to the table, even though we were talking about me holistically. It was like, oh, yeah, what about my relationship with my partner? What about the things that bring me joy? What about the things that I'm doing outside of the eight to 10 hours that I work every day? What about those things. And even if I write down goals and intentions for other areas of my life, I can forget about those. And instead place so much of the focus on those career oriented financial metric oriented goals.

So this year, I have held goals really loosely. My mantra for the year is to cease striving and so while there are things that I want to step into and that I want Inner Workout to accomplish in 2022, I don't want to get overly caught up in the numbers to the point that I am forcing, striving things, striving at things, burning myself out. That's just not the vibe for 2022.

And even in that looseness, there's some things that I forgot or some things that I didn't expect. There's this curveball, continuous curve ball of COVID where one, wasn't expecting the Omicron lovingly referred to as the Omarion variant. There was one maybe two things that we were talking about doing in person that I feel like I need to press pause on for now until I have more information. I don't know when it's going to be safe to do an in-person event again. I also personally got COVID. I'm fine. I am fully vaxxed and boosted. It's more not super fun to have rung in the new year.

To start off the new year, just having to be on my own isolated from my partner and my dog, and also more fatigued than I would have expected after having this break to get to rest. I thought I will be coming into the new year. So with ease but with energy too, and I actually was going to record this episode earlier and had to take a nap because I was tired. So that was something again, not that I forgot it, because I couldn't have known that I was going to get COVID but it's something new that I have to consider as I work towards my goals and intentions for 2022.

I've also added some more fun non-work intentions into the mix. Because I've spent hours and days on end, in my room, I have reorganized the furniture already, I've got some plans for changes and additions that I'd like to make in our room for 2022 that again, has nothing to do with work. It's literally just something that brings me joy, this space that I get to sleep and rest in. And to know that it's going to feel a lot cozier by the end of the year. So I realized, oh man, I totally neglected that aspect of my life. What's something I'd like to accomplish in 2022, related to that? I also am waiting for the doors to open so that I can take a course in herbalism. Again, not at all related, well, I guess somewhat related to work, but I'm not doing it because I want to open an apothecary. I'm doing it because I want to learn more about plants and the plants around me and learn how to work with them for fun, because I felt drawn to it. And because it sounded interesting. 

So that's some of the factors that maybe I've missed, either because I didn't know that they were going to happen or that I didn't really consider for 2022 and some adjustments and some additions that I made to my goals and my intentions for this year. So as I turn the mic over to you, I want you to think about what you may have forgotten or not been able to consider. Maybe there's an area of your life that you didn't set a goal or intention for. Maybe there's some newness that you need to call into part of your life. Maybe there's just a factor that you didn't consider. So I'm turning the mic over to you. Did you forget something? And if so, what is that and how would you like to address it going forward?

Thanks for reflecting with me. I always appreciate you taking this time together. If something resonated, why don't you share it! Share it with a friend via text message, share it on your Instagram stories and tag us. We love to hear what came up for you. And we love to see you sharing it with people that you care about too. Thanks for your time and for your expertise and take care!