Deep Stretch: The Business of Self-Care

On this Deep Stretch episode, I give an inside look to the business side of Inner Workout.

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Episode Transcript

Welcome back to another episode of the Inner Warmup. My name is Taylor Elyse Morrison and I'm the founder of Inner Workout and you as always our expert guest, thank you for being here. So this is only our second deep stretch episode, I believe. Just a reminder, normally I interview you, and it's a chance for reflection. On deep stretch episodes, it's really a chance for me to share what self care and personal development has looked like in my own life. And, man, there have been some big things happening. I run this business, you probably know that. I just mentioned that I was the founder. And it's a self care business. It is a wellness business. And if you talk to any business owner, they will tell you that running their business is a huge exercise in personal development.

I studied Human and Organizational Development and I was in a leadership development program at Allstate. Still, running Inner Workout is the most intensive inner work, no pun intended, that I've ever done. And this month has been no different. I'll be honest, I'm re-recording this episode because I wanted to make sure that I was sharing this in a way that connected and mattered to you. And I decided not to bury the lead. One of the biggest decisions that I made over the course of this last month was to make our Take Care assessment and profile free. I'm smiling as I say that, and still there's a little bit of pause and concern, because it's weird, and it's scary. So if you are not familiar with our Take Care assessment, it is a 75 question assessment that measures your well being across our five dimensions of well being. Then it gives you this cool snapshot of where you're at on each of these dimensions. And then it gives you three personalized practices based on your results. It is a really cool tool. It is actually something that is one of our top sellers on the website and this month, I made the decision to make it free. It's scary because it's a popular selling thing. It is scary because it costs us money every time someone downloads their profile, their PDF that they get, and their Take Care results.

I see so much more clearly than I have ever in the one and a half years that I've been running the business, where Inner Workout is headed. And I knew that I had to ground us in doing something incredibly generous and saying you know what this tool that is helpful, this tool that is a great starting point for your conversation with yourself, we're going to offer it for free. Because we really do believe that wellness should be accessible. We really believe that you are your own best expert. And so if we can provide you with information on how you're doing with regards to each of the five dimensions of well being, we trust you to be able to act on that. So that's the big thing about the Take Care assessment is that it's going to be free. You can take it whenever you want. I recommend trying to take it once a quarter. That's the recommendation. Realistically, I take it every four to six months in my own life, so a little bit longer recycle, but yeah. I wanted Take Care to be a tool for everyone. And I had to do a lot of wrestling with should we make it free? Shall we not make it free? Uncover some of the stories that I told myself around why it could or could not be free, and ultimately come into this decision that feels really aligned and exciting to be able to offer this as an ongoing support for you.

So yeah, that that's the big news that I've been grappling with. And the reason that I'm excited and that it feels like an aligned decision is because we are expanding into more ways to be part of your self care support system. That's really what we want Inner Workout to be. You're the expert. You don't need someone to tell you, you need to follow this 314 1771 step regimen. We want to help you figure out what works for you. And so we'll continue to do that through our workshops, and hopefully, through in person experiences, we are building out an opportunity for you to connect with coaches and healers and practitioners who bring knowledge in different modalities that you can then integrate in order to apply to your own life. So it can be really helpful to have an outside perspective and opinion and to use that to then help you look inward with more clarity. And then finally, we're launching more products.

So starting in July, we will be launching a new product every month. And for all of my book lovers out there, we're also curating a collection of books, one for each dimension of well being. We'll be releasing those monthly. Again, I feel like having information provided by others, whether it's through a book, or an experience, that is one of the most helpful ways for you to learn about yourself. To see what someone else is doing, or saying or has experienced, and then to hold that up to your own life and see, okay, what is valuable from that? What can I experiment with, and what is great for them, but I need to let it go? So yeah, exciting new things!

They're going to be more opportunities for us to support you in different areas of your well being. We're building out content and offerings around each of the dimensions of well being.  I hope you know, I've said this so often, but I think it bears repeating...we love feedback. We view feedback as love. And so some of the things that we are rolling out are because we've talked to you, whether you've commented on Instagram, or in the community, or you've answered any of the surveys that we put out in the past. Everything that we're doing is in response to what we're seeing and hearing from you. And I hope you know that there is an open line of communication, you're always free to direct message me or in the community or to post something in the community.

So yeah, that has been a lot of my growth over the coming month is to just really understand how I wanted to show up as a leader, how I wanted Inner Workout to show up, and what beliefs or limitations, whatever was getting into my way, and to sit with some pretty intense discomfort to ultimately figure out then the right next steps. So that's been me for the past month, lots of shifts. I'm excited to be able to share them and for you to see them out in the world. And next month, we are going to continue to talk about shifts. But instead of looking at what is shifting, we're going to look at what has shifted. So we'll be pretty narrowly looking at the past year and a half over the course of this pandemic. And yes, we are still in a global pandemic but for many of us, things are more open and accessible than they have been in the past. And so we're going to look at what has changed, what have we learned over this incredibly bizarre and trying and illuminating season that we've all endured.

I love this imagery that I heard from someone that we are in the same storm but in different boats. So there are some things that we can relate. Everyone understands about having lived through this past year and a half. And there are some things that are specific to your circumstance, to your boat. And so we're going to devote some time next month to really examining that for ourselves. I always think it's helpful to have a notebook or something to write with handy during the interview sections. But I think for next month's content especially, that can be helpful for you. So yeah, thank you for letting me share. Some of where I'm at, some of the personal development that has happened as a result of getting to run this business in service of you, because we're all in the self care journey together. So come say hi to me in the community, and I am super excited for you to take Take Care for free and to chat with you again next month. Thanks for being here and take care!