Deep Stretch: It's Cyclical

This week, we're diving into a deep stretch. These episodes are an opportunity for me to share with you what's going on behind the scenes with me and Inner Workout. I talk about energetic cycles that I've been experiencing this month and announce our new and latest product. Listen to get all the deets and join us in our free community. I'd love to hear all about the cycles you are experiencing!

Episode Transcript

Welcome back to Inner Warmup where your inner work begins. My name is Taylor Elyse Morrison, founder of Inner Workout. And you as always are our expert guest. Thanks for being here today. Let's do our check in, grounding, kick off moment by getting into our bodies. I'll invite you to, wherever you are, whether you're seated or standing, just find some more space in your spine, there's almost always room where you can get a little bit taller. Sweep your arms up towards the ceiling, clasp your hands above your head. If you like, you might push your palms up towards the ceiling, find a little bit more, even if it's a quarter of an inch of space in that spine, lift up and then over to your right. Make sure you're breathing here. There should be space in your side body and you're not crunching into your low back. When you're ready, come back up to center. Find that space again and lift up, and then over to the left. Deep breath here. Breathe into wherever you're feeling it, I'm feeling it in my shoulders. I've been starting to do some weightlifting. It's really fun, but my body is getting used to showing up in this way. When you're ready, come back to center unclasp your fingers, let your arms float down to your side.

We're here. Today as a deep stretch episode, so it's a little bit different than our normal interviews where I pose a question to you. Deep Stretch is really an opportunity for me to share what's going on Inner Workout wise, self care wise in my life. My goal is always to be as transparent as I can be, while still maintaining my personal boundaries. Because the last thing that I want to do as a founder in the wellness and personal development space is make it seem like I have it all figured out all the time. It's a journey, it's a process, and I want to let you into that and show you that it's normal. We see so much online of just everyone's got it tied up with it pretty well. And that's not my life, probably not your life, and I want to be real about that. This month, we've been talking about the energetic dimension, about accessing and balancing and harnessing our energy. And I woke up today, feeling energetically like a different person. It was a little disconcerting because yesterday was a roller coaster, I'll say. I went to an art exhibit with my family and then I got a call from my partner saying that our car was in the middle of downtown Chicago, and it had stopped. And then I spent hours getting jumper cables to him and trying to jump the car unsuccessfully and waiting for a tow truck. It was a whole thing and it made for a pretty exhausting day. And I went to bed, just bone tired. You know that tired where you're just like I have been in the heat, I've spent hours doing stuff that I didn't expect're just like ready to melt into the bed. That's where I was last night.

And then I woke up this morning and there was just this major energetic shift. We're talking I made some really decisive decisions, one of which I'd been mulling on for months. Like I have an email in my inbox from late June, and I've been sitting with a decision. And today I just woke up and was like, this is what I need to do. And I emailed them, hey, I'm ready to move forward. Then I got an email for something that I've been waiting to hear from someone else on saying, oh, hey, we're at a new step in the process. It was just like everything around me, the energy had shifted, and it really felt like a switch flipped. Felt really binary like it was like this, and now it's like that - night and day, stark contrast. But as I sat with it and reflected on the changes more, I realized it was so much more cyclical than I was originally framing it. These shifts, this ability to be decisive. This email that I've been waiting on that I now got confirmation that something moved forward, it's part of the cycle.

And before these moments of not having clarity or indecision, those weren't necessarily bad, but they didn't feel great. I like to know exactly what is happening next and where I'd like to go. They didn't feel amazing, but they weren't necessarily bad. They were part of the process. And I recontextualized this new energy, and kind of charted where I was in certain parts of the cycles that are happening in my life. And it made a lot more sense when I was able to place it as part of a cycle.

So, for example, my partner and I, we have been fully living in our place for a couple months at this point. And we have been spending a lot of time finalizing projects, we did a refresh of our kitchen that's so close to being done. We got rid of a lot of stuff, we've been doing some reorganization, and it all culminated with my aunt who is a decorator coming in and helping us out. I now have this really cute reading nook in my living room, our dining room is coming together as a more cohesive space, our living room coffee table, and really our whole living room is styled now there's's not done. It's still part of the process, I'm still in the cycle. But I realize, oh, wow, we've been making all of these changes in our space, and get a getting rid of things and bringing in new things and it's only been really a couple of days, that our space, our home looks the way that it has, which is the most us that it has since we moved here three years ago. It would make sense that that would feel like a huge energetic shift. We let go of a lot of things that were not aligned to who we were anymore, that were from different phases of our life, that were just clutter, that weren't necessary.

So yeah, that could be part of the energetic shifts. And then I've got some more and I realized my period ended. There's some hormones that have changed, even between going to bed last night and into this morning. Another cycle, another place that I could plot myself on the cycle, this one that happens every 28 days. And then we've entered into Virgo season. I'm personally a Virgo rising. If you follow anything around astrology, Virgo season is traditionally a season of like getting your stuff together. Virgos are thought to be very organized, lovers of spreadsheets and I've been doing that. One of the decisions I made required me to sit a little bit last night and also this morning and look at profit margins. And look at different vendors and decide who I wanted to go with, big Virgo energy there. And then also last night was a full moon. So just right there, with a couple of minutes of reflection it's like, okay, our space is very different than it has been in the past few months. I no longer have the same hormonal makeup that I did. We've entered into Virgo season, there's also been a full moon. Those are four things that have all culminated. Yeah, makes sense that I would have this energetic shift in my life. And it felt again, like there was a switch flipping but really, I was just on a different part of the cycle.

I really appreciate looking at my life more cyclically rather than linearly or based on binaries. Things are good or bad, things are right or wrong. It's just part of the cycle. There are ebs, there are flows, there are low points, there are high points, there are different things that I will feel because of my hormones, because of my environmental context, if you choose just to believe in it, because of the astrological context, there are all these cycles that I'm a part of, because I'm a being that exists in this earth in our natural worlds. And there's something to me that's really freeing about that. I'm not required to have days that just get better and better and better and better and better and better. I'm going to have days that feel amazing, I'm going to have days that feel really terrible. I'm going to have seasons that feel really fulfilling, I'm going to have seasons, where I'm not sure that I'm on the right path.

And those are all part of the process; those are all part of the cycle. And so what I would challenge you to do and encourage you to do is if there's a place in your life, where you feel like everything is different, if you have a moment like me, and you're like, whoa, what happened? Who am I today? How am I just making this decision out of nowhere? Or if there's a place in your life where you wish you could flip a switch, where you wish you could just snap your fingers or open your eyes and things would be different. I wonder if you can notice either the incremental changes that might be happening, or the cycles that might be affecting how you're feeling.

So what do I mean by that? The incremental changes, like we spent hours and months, and for a long time, making these changes on our space. And as we put the final touches, it felt like everything was different but really, it was slowly getting different with each bag that we brought to the thrift store and each box that we brought downstairs to storage. There were these little changes, these little pieces of progress that we were making in the cycle that we just didn't realize. That might be true for you, you might be taking these baby steps forward, inching towards a different season or a different place in the cycle and it's just hard to notice it when you're so in it. So that's what I mean by the incremental piece of it.

And then looking at the cyclical contexts, starting to notice, okay, what cycles are going on right now? Is allergy season making you really exhausted or irritable? Is that a cycle that you're a part of right now? Is it your menstrual cycle? Is it what's going on astrologically? Is it that you are in the middle of a big project at work?

I was just talking to one of my neighbors, and their fiscal year ends soon and so this is a huge, really a season of life that requires more from her at work than typically she would be asked to bring. And that's something that she knows about her year and so she took some vacations to kind of prepare for this push that she knew she was going into. Can you look at what cycles are affecting how you're feeling about right now? (Am I saying that how I want to?) Can you look at what cycles are in play and how that might impact this, this feeling of things needing to change? And when you can contextualize that as part of a cycle, you might realize, oh, yeah, this is always really hard, but you know what, I feel better as soon as this is turned in, or as soon as the client signs off with an okay or as soon as I'm done using my menstrual cup, I know I'm going to feel differently.

I could keep going on and on about cycles and energetic shifts. It's just really, for me, a useful way to remind myself that I'm a person, I'm a being who's a part of nature and I'm going to have cycles. And instead of trying to get so caught up in this, I mean, there's a lot of I was gonna say capitalistic and that's part of it, but this way of being where we need to consistently get better and improve all the time, just realizing that there's going to be variation, and there's going to be times that just feel flat. And my role is just to better understand what those variations look like for me so that I'm informed, so I'm not so caught up in despair. Is it ever going to get better? Or I'm not so high off of the moment that I forget that you know what, I normally feel like this for three days out of a month, and then there's a steady decline for, I don't know, five days, seven days. And that's normal, I didn't do anything wrong to lose it, this is just the cycle. When you can get to know your cycles, there's something just incredibly grounding about it to know this has been before, this will come again.

It's not anything that I'm doing wrong. I just get to work with it. I get to harness it, I get to engage with it. So I hope that you're able to do that with your own energy and your own cycles. And right now, I'm really harnessing this energy as being decisive and being organized. I've got a big project that I'm hoping to make a lot of progress on in September because I know that it kind of aligns to the the energy that I'm feeling right now. And I also know that once it starts to get colder in October, November and December, I'm not going to have the same energy for fees, organization, and really decisive type projects, because that's me. I know that about myself, and I want you to know that about you.

We're almost at the end of the episode, I want to give you a peek into where we're headed for next month. So for the past several months, we've been focusing on a dimension of well being. September, we are looking at the bliss dimension. So the bliss dimension, we'll talk more about it, but it's all about being connected to yourself and to others into the world around you. This is something that I've been personally connecting to a lot by being out in nature but we will talk more about the bliss dimension and what it means and how you can cultivate and invite more of that into your life. And we're launching a product in collaboration, in conjunction with our focus on that dimension. The product, you're the first to hear this, the product is a sun catcher. So a sun catcher is this really cool, almost think of it like a sticker. Ours has these words and a really cute design on it in an oval shape. You stick it on a sunny window. It's transparent, and it creates rainbows.

We have ours in our home office and every day, I'd say mid afternoon, it starts to create these rainbows first on our floor and then it goes up into our wall where we have this full rainbow. And there's something really delightful about it. And when the rainbow isn't going through it, I still have the reminder to let my light glow. That's what it says, "let your light glow." But I love basking in the rainbows. It just makes this mundane part of the afternoon where I could traditionally be having a little bit of a slump, it makes me feel that much more energized and excited and just realizing how much beauty and magic there is even in a Monday afternoon. So those will be launching in September.

I will probably drop the link early for members of the community. And I'd also love to hear your thoughts on cycles, on energetic shifts, on feeling like all of a sudden something's happening overnight, but realizing that it's actually part of a cycle. I want to hear it all. So you can share your thoughts in the free community. I'd love to hear from you. You're also always welcome to DM me in the community too. If you're like, I don't really want to share for everyone else to see but I would love Taylor to know that I listened and thought about it. I would love that too. So join our free community. Come hang out with us and I will leave it to you to take care. Talk to you next week!