Building Your Inner Compass

In last week’s episode, Taylor described the difference between clarity and certainty. But the follow up question is “How do I get clear?” To answer this, Taylor talks about building your own inner compass. We’ll specifically look at the four elements that make up your inner compass. 

Episode Transcript

Welcome back to Inner Warmup where your inner work begins. I'm Taylor Elyse Morrison, creator of Inner Workout. And you, as always are our expert guest. Thanks for being here today. Let's start off with a couple of announcements. We have our first workshops of 2023 coming up next month, and you're going to want to sign up. So the first one is we're bringing Camp Clarity back. It is our four session, live workshop style course, that helps you ditch this desire for certainty and a roadmap and helps you build your inner compass. It's one of my favorite things to teach. And I honestly, like am getting so excited about 2023, just because I get to teach it and be in community with you all. The second thing that we've got is a workshop called Word Work. This is for my folks who love having a word of the year and want it to be more than something that you just like write down on your journal and forget about it. So both of these are coming up. If you are a member of the Inner Circle, or if you become a member of the Inner Circle for $5 a month, you get a pretty sizable discount on both of these. However you decide to do it, if it feels aligned for you to join, I hope that you will.

Let's get into today's episode. If I did my job, in the last episode, clarity is winning out over certainty. You get it. You're like, okay, you sold me, Taylor, I want this whole clarity thing. Certainty isn't serving me, what's a girl gotta do? Or a guy? Or are a they? What's a person gotta do to get clear? And to answer some of that question, I actually have to share some of my own winding journey. Because my coming to this as many things in my life was not like this straight line, it unfolded over, at this point, like seven years. So I have always known that I was entrepreneurial. I've loved starting things and thinking about businesses and brands since I was a kid. And to this day, I come up with businesses and I'm like here, please, someone start this, this is a really good idea. Like, here's how I'd do it, here's how I'd launch it, I just literally don't have the time to do it. So here you go. And when I was in my senior year of college, I started my first like real official, got an LLC for it company where I was doing brand strategy. I was working with people on their personal brands, I was working with them on their business brands. And yeah, just helping them build these things out. And that's when I first started laying the groundwork for building an inner compass. These elements that I was using to help people build out their brands. That work was when I first started laying the groundwork for building an inner compass. Over time, I started using the pieces of the inner compass, although I didn't call it that at that time in my own life. And wow, what a difference it made. Like now I'm sitting with you here, as someone who has a fairly unconventional life, it definitely doesn't follow the norm anymore. It doesn't look linear. And I've accepted that. There's still uncertainty. That's the reality of life. But my vision, my vision is oh, so clear.

I've talked about the inner compass, let's talk about what the components actually are. So the first is your mission. Your mission is what you're here to do. And not just in like this capitalist, you are your work way. But like what is your life's work? What are you bringing to this world? Then there's your vision. Your vision is the big picture of your life's work. This is where you get into thinking about your legacy. Have you ever thought about your legacy? For me personally, it is one of the most humbling and also energizing things to sit with the fact that like, I'm hopefully going to leave something behind when I'm no longer on this earth, in this body. Then there are your values, your values are your standards, how you're going to move through the world. This is a place especially where like you start to do things that people don't fully understand. I said yes to things that don't make sense to people. I've said no to things that don't make sense to people. And it comes down to the fact that they were or were not values aligned. And then there's success. I believe this, so, so, so deeply. If you have not defined success for yourself, you are working towards someone else's definition of success. I think that bears repeating. If you haven't done the work to define success, then you are living in someone else's idea of success. You're just kind of blindly doing what people think you should do. Like, sit with that for a bit. Think about that. For me, that was a big thing. I realized, oh, yeah, I'm feeling bad about myself. Because I am not living up to these things that I felt like I was supposed to be living up to, or not even that I felt like I was supposed to, like, when I look at it, oh, that's not at all important to me. But because I hadn't defined what was important to me, then my brain was just like, oh, that's where we're supposed to go and you are not meeting those standards so guess you should feel pretty bad about yourself. So those four components, again, without my commentary, just to have them as an overview for you, those four pieces of your inner compass are your mission, your vision, your values, and your definition of success. This idea, this practice of building and using your inner compass, I can't even think of adequate words to express how important I think this work is. I return to my mission, yes, when I'm thinking about the work that I'm doing, but also, when I need to remind myself that my life's work actually isn't just about work. Work is one part in what I'm here to do as a human. I return to my vision when I need to be reminded of the why behind what I'm doing. For my fellow creators, entrepreneurs, builders, small business owners especially, there's so much that we do that is unglamorous, that is behind the scenes, that is thankless, that people don't really care or see or value. And it is in those moments where I'm doing something to create a good experience for someone else, that I come back to my vision. And I remind myself, oh, yeah, this is why, this is why I'm doing it. This is the ripple effect that it is going to have. It's an anchor, it's a guide. I come back to my values when there are opportunities presented and I don't know if I should say yes or no, if I want to say yes or no. I come back to my definition of success when I feel behind, when I feel like a failure. When I'm like, what is even going on? Why am I doing this? Maybe I should just do the normal things. I come back to my definition of success. And most of the time, I'm reminded oh, yeah, you were actually completely successful on your own terms, Taylor. And sometimes there's tweaks that need to happen. This work sustains me. And I don't say that lightly. Like, these are things that I keep coming back to. And I struggle and I fall down. And I forget that I've done this work, and I have to come back to it again. But it's what keeps me going. It's what keeps me moving. Not as like, the founder of Inner Workout Taylor with that hat on. But just like as a person, these are concepts that I have to keep coming back to, it's the only way that I'm able to continue moving. And if you do this, through Camp Clarity, you build your inner compass, that's great. But if not, I hope that you find a way to have these pieces in place for you too, whatever that looks like for you. On that note, for our reflection today, I just want you to think about it. I'm taking one small piece out of how I use my inner compass, which is with decision making. And I want you to think about what you're doing right now. Perhaps in the absence of having another framework, or perhaps in the presence of having a framework that you built for yourself, how do you make decisions? Start there. Take a couple of minutes thinking about how you make decisions. And I'll bring us home.

Thanks so much for taking the time to reflect with me. Next week's episode is going to be a Deep Stretch episode, our last episode of 2022. We're doing something a little special, a little different. Before I sign off, I want to just talk a little bit more about Camp Clarity, and help you decide if it might be for you. So Camp Clarity is a live workshop style course that helps you go from this place where you feel like you need someone to give you a roadmap, to having your inner compass built out. It's taking place in January, from 7 to 8:30pm, Central Standard Time, Monday through Thursday, you can see the exact dates in the show notes. So we'll have this live time where there is reflection, there's discussion, there are fun exercises, there's theory, all of the things that make an Wnner Workout offering an Inner Workout offering. And then you'll have a little breathing room, and you'll come back and build out the next place, or the next portion of your inner compass on the next day. This used to be spread out over four weeks. And it seemed like it was a little bit too much time. So we're trying something that's more condensed. If you can't come live, don't worry about it. There are recordings that are available, they'll be posted within 24 hours, normally less. So you will be able to, if you can make Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but you can't make Thursday, you'll still be able to watch the recording and do it on your own time. You get digital worksheets to help you move through this work that you can hold on to, come back to, update, edit, whatever you'd like to do. And then you get access to the recordings through the end of 2023. So it's something that you can have as a resource for your entire year. And I honestly cannot think of a better way for you to start off 2023. I'm personally really excited that this is how I get to start off 2023. So all of the details, you can find them in the show notes. You can read more about what exactly you can expect. But yeah, I just wanted to take a moment to really, really invite you into this because it's one of my favorite things to teach and to guide people through at Inner Workout. Thank you so much for your time. Thank you as always for your expertise. And I'll be back next week for our Deep Stretch episode, last episode of 2022.