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If you're all caught up on Inner Warmup, then you know that we'll be taking an integration break for the month of August. But don't worry, we have something for you that we know you'll love. It's a private podcast called Begin Within, based on the coaching program Taylor has designed - we'll be launching soon! On this podcast, you'll meet three coaching clients (and Inner Workout community members!), Ashley, Deanna, and Kasia. Take a behind the scenes journey through the program as these 3 amazing women share their experiences, insights, and final outcomes. If you think you might be interested in signing up for Begin Within, then this mini podcast is for you!

Episode Transcript

Taylor Morrison  
Hey, it's Taylor, creator of Inner Workout. But this is not an episode of Inner Warmup. We're taking an integration break for the month of August. But we're not leaving you completely hanging. We have a private podcast for you. It's called Begin Within. And it's got so much integration inspiration as it follows three women's coaching journeys. I think that if you love Inner Warmup, you are also going to love the Begin Within podcast. But I'll let you make that decision for yourself.

Welcome to Begin Within. This podcast is an introduction to my signature coaching program, where I help self aware overachievers redefine success, so that they can lead fulfilling lives where they feel both grounded and expansive. In this podcast, you're going to meet three clients I worked with in early 2022, Ashley, Deanna and Kasia. You get to be a fly on the wall in their coaching sessions, and hear how they navigated the four step journey I go through with all of my clients : self care, unlearning learning, and growth. It all starts with practicing self care, because before you're diving into your inner work, you've got to make sure that you're well supported. This looks like reconnecting to your ability to listen within and to respond with love. You start to develop an internal vocabulary across your five dimensions of well being. And you build your support system by identifying the practices, the partners and the products that will support you and your current season. Then we move into unlearning. I believe really strongly that doing the inner work is not about turning into someone else. It's about becoming a truer expression of yourself. You'll peel back the biases, the beliefs and the behaviors that you hold about what it means to be successful, and get clear on your definition of success. Then you move into learning. You look inwards to the wisdom within, I mean, this is called Begin Within,after all, and also outwards to gather up the knowledge that you need on your journey of becoming. This marks a real shift from self help and the belief that everyone else has the answers, to self discovery. Then we get to growth. And we really end the journey with a new beginning as you take imperfect action towards your definition of success. I'm hoping that this peek behind the scenes of the Begin Within program, will help you feel less alone in your own journey, offer you insight and inspiration about what's possible for you when you begin within. And that it will demystify the coaching containers that can sometimes feel super secretive. I'm so excited for you to get to know Ashley, Deanna and Kasia even more as they begin within. And if you want to know what's going to happen in the episodes ahead, before you apply, here's a sneak peek just for you.

That's always what's interesting about self discovery is it's hard to see yourself. It's not until you have conversations like this and you can really think about well what is important to me or what does love mean to me that you can really become clear on, Oh, yeah, this is a really important part of my value system.

I think another hard realization is realizing that I have been such a people pleaser in the past that it's very hard for me to accept that not everybody is going to be pleased with me. That's like a really difficult lesson to learn.

You know, before each session, I look back at my notes like either the morning of or you know, right beforehand. And it's just funny how a lot of what we talked about is happening or you know, is kind of influencing some things that that I've seen or that I've been changing about how I've approached certain events and situations. So it's just really cool to have that full circle moment.

I don't know I guess I'm having like kind of a light bulb, heavens open moment of like, this is what I want to do is like communicate, like, share and learn and it kind of feels like I'm finding my way.

Taylor Morrison  
If you're like yep, I'm invested, I want to hear all of the episodes, you can either click the link in the show notes or head to to get all of the private podcast episodes. Thanks for listening and take care.