Become an Inner Workout Certified Facilitator

Support others’ self-care journey as an Inner Workout Certified Facilitator.  
This self-care certification will help you build the skills necessary to design and facilitate Inner Workout classes.
This is an eight week, online training. We’ll meet live, virtually for two hours a week, and you should expect to spend about two hours each week practicing on your own.
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What to Expect

Week One

You’ll kick off the training by getting to know the other facilitators in your cohort and receive an introduction to the foundational concepts of the Inner Workout practice.

Week Two

You’ll learn how to set intentions for a class, how to open a class, and begin learning Inner Workout’s core movements.

Week Three

You’ll continue learning the standing, seated, and on the mat Inner Workout core movements.

Week Four

You’ll be introduced to Inner Workout’s approach to breathwork and journaling.

Week Five

You’ll learn how to build a meditation using visualization and how to effectively guide a class through flow.

Week Six

You’ll learn how to use music to guide the class and experience a teachback from a fellow trainee.

Week Seven

Envision your own Inner Workout community and experience an Inner Workout practice led by a fellow trainee.

Week Eight

Complete the training experience with a roundtable, a closing circle, and an explanation of next steps.

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Frequently asked questions:

When will training take place?

This next cohort will take place on Thursday evenings in 2022.

Do I need prior training in yoga or fitness?

Trainees of all experience levels are welcome. We’ll teach you how to facilitate a safe experience, and we’ll provide plenty of support as you practice these skills.

What is the approach to learning?

We believe in experiential learning. You’ll start practice teaching before you might feel ready. You’ll build up to leading a full length class, and there will be plenty of opportunities to give and to receive feedback.

We’ve also curated resources to read and watch so that you can learn from the experiences of master teachers.

How much does the training cost?

The training is $750. You can pay in full. You also have the option to pay in two or three installments. There’s no upcharge for choosing the installment plan. We offer one fully sponsored spot to a BIPOC facilitator with each cohort. Reach out if you’d like to be considered.

What happens after the training?

After the training, you’ll submit a class recording for review, and you’ll have a feedback session with a Master Facilitator.

You’ll receive a Certificate of Completion and be invited into our online Facilitator Community which features ongoing resources and support.

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