How to Read Your Take Care Results

November 14, 2023
February 14, 2022

Take Care is Inner Workout's self care assessment.

First, you answer 75 questions. Then we send you a report with your results and three self care practices for you to try.

While the process of reflecting on the questions in our self care assessment is enlightening, that's only the beginning.

Keep reading to learn how to read, and take action around, your Take Care results.

If you're more of a video person, press play to get your questions answered in less than five minutes.

What you should know about the Take Care assessment

1. It's a mirror

You're answering the questions, and we're simply reflecting them back to you. It's a fresh way for you to look at what is already happening beneath the surface

2. There are no good or bad scores

You're used to seeing percentages in the context of tests, but this isn't school. Any score can guide you into a meaningful conversation with yourself.

3. It gives you data you can use

We see self care as a cycle of listening and responding. New data means that you can explore new ways to care for yourself.

Read the results with these mindsets

  • I will not judge myself
  • I will embrace curiosity
  • I will acknowledge and admire my own complexity

Notice sensations and surprises

As you browse your results, you'll see percentages for each dimension and sub-dimension. There's also a visual representation on the following page.

Notice what you feel as you read your results, and notice what surprises you. If you follow the sensations and surprise, you'll likely stumble upon an insight.  

Define an aligned action

The self care assessment gives you three practices to try, but you might come up with your own practice or experiment after reflecting.

What's most important is that you decide how you'll use this information to support your self care and inner work.

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