Monthly Journal Prompts for 2024

Like a versatile black dress, a sweet-and-salty snack combo, or a pen that writes just so, journaling is timeless.

So even though this article is about monthly journaling prompts for 2024, it's just as relevant if you're discovering it on January 1 in the new year or on December 11.

Keep reading to learn why we stan a monthly journaling practice and to get free writing prompts that you can use all year long.

The why and how of monthly journal prompts

At Inner Workout, we believe that evolution is natural, and you're a part of nature. Sometimes you're so zoomed in on your day-to-day life that you can't recognize your own transformation. We view monthly journal writing as an opportunity zoom out, check in, reflect, and celebration.

Why journal monthly: Benefits of monthly reflection

Have we mentioned that we're big fans of journaling? To keep ourselves from going overboard, we'll just share three benefits of reflecting each month.

1. It's accessible. Maybe you're not ready for daily writing. You don't have the time, or you don't think you have enough to say. It might be tempting to fall into the trap of all-or-nothing thinking and assume you just can't journal then. But a monthly practice offers an alternative that most people can fit into their schedule.

2. It supports your mental health. Research suggests that taking even a few minutes to write can make you feel less stressed. Writing allows you to get thoughts out of your head and onto paper, where you can see them clearly. Sometime you don't even realize something is weighing on you until you take the time to write your thoughts on paper.

3. It informs your self-care. We define self-care as listening within and responding in the most loving way possible. Writing is one of our favorite ways to listen within. As you pour your thoughts and feelings on the page, you pinpoint exactly where you can focus your self-care in the coming month.

How can I fit journaling into my monthly routine?

By now, you get why it's good for you to reflect each month. Let's move into the how.  

Make it as simple as possible. Find a time of the month where you can set aside at least 10 minutes for reflection. That's really all it takes! You'd be surprised what you can uncover in 10 minutes. If you end up going longer, that's great. And if 10 minutes is all you've got, that's cool too.

Get specific about when you'll write. Maybe you journal on the 30th of every month, or on the last Sunday of every month.  Maybe you habit stack your writing, adding it before or after something you already do monthly.

The timing really depends on what you want to get out of the practice.  

As you're starting a new month, you might want to spend a few minutes mapping out your monthly goals and intentions. Think of it as a monthly reset.

Maybe end of the month journaling is more your speed. You can look back on the past month with gratitude and honest reflections about where there's room to grow.

Regardless of when you choose to reflect, we're sharing prompts in different categories to help you check-in throughout the month.

General prompts for a new month

Here are some new month  journal prompts you can use at the start of the month:

What does [insert month] mean to me?

How will I care for myself this month?

What do I need to let go of this month?

What do I need to prioritize or embrace this month?

What would make this month the best month of 2024?

Journal prompts for goal setting and intention setting

These journal prompts will help you set goals and intentions for the month ahead:

How do I want to feel this month?

What would make this month a success on my terms?

What, specifically, do I want to accomplish in the next 30 days?

Why is that goal or intention important to me?

How will I know I've accomplished it?

What support do I need to achieve my goals?

Journal prompts for the end of the month

How would I describe this past month in one word? Why?

What did my body tell me, and what did I tell my physical body?

What am I most proud of from this month?

How did I access, balance, and harness my energy?

What lessons have I learned this month?

How did I listen to and act on my own inner knowing?

What was the best part of this month? The most difficult?

What did connection look like in my life?

What am I most grateful for?

What surprised me?

What would I like to change for next month?

Monthly journal prompts for 2024

Those general prompts may all you need to spark a reflective journey, but we've got you covered if you're looking for something a bit more specific. Sprinkle these monthly writing prompts into your routine for an added dose of introspection.

January journal prompts

Fast forward to December 2024, how do you want to look back and describe your year?

What can you do this month to lay the groundwork for an incredible year?

How is 2024 treating you so far?

February journal prompts

Based on what you know now, what shifts do you need to make to your new year's resolutions?

What does love mean to you? How is it showing up in your life?

If you had an extra day every month, how would you spend it?

March journal prompts

What will you leave behind in winter?

What metaphorical seeds are you planting for spring?

What are you celebrating about 2024 thus far?

April journal prompts

Where does it feel like the Universe is raining on your parade?

If you were a flower, what flower would you be? Why?

Write a little poem.

May journal prompts

Where in your life does it feel like you're in the in-between?

What's blooming in your life?

What needs tending to?

June journal prompts

What will you leave behind in spring?

What would it look like for you to shine this summer?

Where do you need more light in your life?

July journal prompts

We're at the halfway point of the year. What will you start, stop and continue doing?

If you could start 2024 over again, would you? Why or why not?

If you had to describe your life as a vacation destination, what would it be? Why?

August journal prompts

What's a conversation in your life that feels like it's too hot to handle?

What would slowing down look like this month?

Where are you seeking attention and affirmation from others?

September journal prompts

What will you leave behind in summer?

What was your song of the summer?

What topic are you most excited to learn about?

October journal prompts

What are you letting go of this fall?

If you could only celebrate one holiday in the final months of the year, what would it be and why?

What scares you more than anything right now?

November journal prompts

What's your relationship to gratitude this year?

It's harvest season! Where has your intentional work paid off?

What's your favorite way to gather with people you love?

December journal prompts

What will you give yourself this holiday season?

If you could go back and give a word of advice to your January self, what advice would you share?

If your 2024 was a book, what would it be called?

Closing thoughts

With these journal writing prompts as a starting point,  you have everything you need to reflect and connect to yourself more deeply. May you experience the benefits of journaling all 2024 long.

Taylor Elyse Morrison

About the author

Taylor is the founder and author of Inner Workout. She's also an ICF-certified coach, a certified meditation + mindfulness practitioner, and was named one of Fortune's 10 Innovators Shaping the Future of Health.