Take Care of your employees

so they can take care of  your business

Wholistic wellness programming

Employee wellness is not one size fits all. Do your programs reflect that?

Inner Workout delivers wellness programming that support each of the five dimensions of wellbeing. 


Virtual Chair Inner Workout

Virtual Inner Workouts

 This modified version of our signature class is a welcome respite during the work day. This practice seamlessly blends chair-based movement, breath work, journaling, and meditation to help participants relax and reflect.

Inner Workout Workshops and Keynotes - Taylor Elyse Morrison

Workshops and keynotes

Equip your employees to know, care for, and become their full selves. 

Topics include:

– Redefining Self Care

– Boundary Setting

– Everyday Mindfulness


Inner Workout Wellness Cohort

Wellness cohorts

A six week experience that utilizes insights from our Take Care assessment to impact employee wellbeing.

We’ve worked with

Google Logo Inner Workout

We hosted an Inner Workout session for our team of 12 employees at the end of 2020. The team, like most of the company and the world, experienced a number of unexpected challenges in 2020 including shifting work priorities, adjusting to work from home, additional home responsibilities, and difficulties maintaining work/life balance and general wellbeing. Inner Workout was the perfect way to share and connect around some of these pain points as a team and take actionable steps in the moment to support ourselves. Taylor led us through an engaging, restorative and nourishing session that was expertly facilitated and left us feeling noticeably lighter and more connected with ourselves. We are very grateful for the experience and I would highly recommend Inner Workout to anyone…I can’t wait to do it again!

Laura Hugill

Senior Program Manager, Google

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