If you’ve ever momentarily spiraled when someone asked you about your five-year plan, you may have felt like you were the problem for either not having a plan at all or for deviating from the plan you built.

But the reality is: having that kind of certainty about your future is an unrealistic expectation, especially for millennials who have lived through unprecedented times for the entirety of their lives. Of course, the idea of a perfectly planned out life would feel out of reach.  

Spiral no more. You don’t need a more precise roadmap, my friend. What you’re looking for is clarity.

Crystal ball ➤ crystal clear

Stop trying to predict the future and channel your energy into getting clear on what the good life means to you.

External validation ➤ inner knowing

Free yourself from the fear of what "they'll" think by building trust in your own inner compass

Rigidity ➤ flexibility

Release the belief that there's one perfect path, and give yourself permission to pivot as you get more information about yourself and the world around you.

But unfortunately, most folks never find clarity by building their inner compass. Society would much rather tell you what your priorities should be than give you space to do that for yourself.  

Society tells you three lies that are barriers to clarity:

❌ Don’t ask questions.
The existing systems and structures want us to smile and nod along to the status quo. But who benefits when we blindly adhere to business as usual? Those are the kinds of questions that make the powers that be uneasy. They don’t want you to know it, but they need you. Not the other way around. You’re well positioned to shake things up for the better.

❌ You don’t know enough. If you do start to ask questions, society likes to keep you busy by getting you into consumption mode. You read books. You listen to podcasts. Of course, learning isn’t inherently bad. But when you’re stuck in the belief that you don’t know enough, you’re more likely to elevate the opinions of others above your own and less likely to act. You’re your own best expert. No piece of content will outweigh the power of listening to your inner wisdom and acting on that wisdom.

❌ There’s no time. Society has a funny way of approaching time. It tells us we have endless time for the things it deems important. We just kind of accept that we’re “supposed” to spend most of our waking lives working. But, as soon as we start to prioritize our desires, society gets an attitude. You don’t actually need a lot of time to do this work, just some intentional space with a dash of focus. You can gain significant clarity by spending in four days.

You don’t need a multistep life plan. You need to give yourself the chance to get clear.

Camp Clarity

Stop waiting for a roadmap and build your inner compass in four days.

I’ve been on a journey of embodying this work for the past five years. I’ve used my personal mission, vision, values, and metrics for success to guide my life and this business.
And I’ve watched clients use these frameworks to shift from feeling behind to feeling secure in their definition of success.

Instead of forcing you follow a formula, Camp Clarity is designed to give you:

Space to question

This is your chance to ask the questions that society would prefer for you to gloss over. Camp Clarity is a playground where you can examine the narratives that shape your view of success and decide what to keep and what you’d like to leave behind.

Renewed trust in your expertise

This a non-hierarchical space with content that guides you towards your own insights.The magic happens when you combine the content to your self-expertise.  

Real time application

These aren’t sessions where you furiously take notes and have to find time to apply the content later. As a trained facilitator, I’ve structured each session to give you the ideal mix of theory, practice, introspection, and conversation.

The journey:

🧭 January 9: Map your mission –
You’re here for a reason, and you get to decide what that reason is. Craft a mission that encompasses that meaningful work you do in the world without reducing your identity to your outputs.

🧭 January 10: Connect to your vision – Stop minimizing your impact. You don’t need a Nobel Prize to shift the world for the better. Trace your daily actions to a bigger picture.

🧭 January 11: Activate your values – Make decisions on your terms. Societal expectations are the default unless you decide otherwise. Turn off the default setting and define the values that matter to you.

 🧭 January 12: Redefine success – If you’ve never written your own metrics of success, you’re likely competing for a prize that won’t fulfill you. Use your tailor-made definition of success to reframe comparison and to rewrite the stories that tell you you’re off track.

Here's what you'll get when you join

- Four, 90 minute sessions over the course of four days
- Access to the recordings through the end of the calendar year
- Digital worksheets to guide your reflection and implementation



Does this sound like you?

✅ You’re tired of feeling like you’re behind in life based on someone else’s arbitrary measure

✅ You often tell yourself that you’ll feel better about yourself when you unlock another accomplishment

✅ You crave space to examine the narratives you’ve absorbed about success

✅ You want to feel equipped to respond to whatever life throws your way  

✅ You enjoy faster paced workshops with real-time engagement

✅You’re willing to engage in conversation using empathy and curiosity

Get your questions answered!

Are scholarships available?

There are a limited number of partial scholarships available. We prioritize Black women in financial need. However, anyone experiencing financial hardship is welcome to reach out. Email takecare[at]innerworkout.co.

When do classes take place?

Classes take place on Zoom from 7 - 8:30 pm CST over the course of four days.

When can I access the recordings?

We'll send out a recording within 24 hours. Recordings will be uploaded to the learning portal within 24 hours of class ending. You will have access to the recordings through December 31, 2023.

What will I need in order to participate?

You'll need a way to access Zoom. The worksheets are form fillable PDFs. But you can complete the exercises in whatever format works for you and your brain.

Doors are currently closed.