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This is Inner Workout

The foundation

Inner Workout is inspired by the yogic concept of koshas, or layers of being. We talk about them as the five dimensions of wellbeing, and they’re at the center of everything we do.

Our society tends to focus self-care efforts solely on the physical body, but that only addresses one aspect of your self. Inner Workout offers multidimensional resources and experiences designed to help you listen, respond, and care for all of you.

The five dimensions of wellbeing


This dimension explores your relationship to your physical body—how well you know your body and how you care for it.


This dimension focuses on your breath and how you relate to energy in your daily life.

Mental + Emotional

This dimension looks at what comes into and flows out of your mind.


This dimension explores your relationship to your own inner knowledge.


This dimension explores your connection to yourself and to the world around you.

What’s the difference between the class and the company?

This question comes up a lot! Inner Workout the company is here to support your journey to know, care for, and become your full self. We also have a namesake practice called Inner Workout that you can read about below. 

What we offer

The practice

 The Inner Workout practice blends movement, breathwork, journaling, and meditation into one seamless 30 – 60 minute experience.

The assessment

The Take Care assessment offers a snapshot of your current relationship to each of the five dimensions of wellbeing.

The experiences

Gain (self) knowledge on self care topics through our virtual Inner Workshops, taught by the Inner Workout team and trusted partners.


Still curious about the Inner Workout practice? We’ve got answers!

Is the Inner Workout practice a fitness class?

In an Inner Workout class, you’ll move your body. You might even sweat. However, Inner Workout isn’t about burning calories or changing your body. This is a space for you to practice listening and responding to yourself.

Who is Inner Workout for?

Inner Workout is for every body. Inner Workout is for you.

What will I need for class?

As long as you have a mat, a journal, and a pen, you’re good to go!

Where can I take a class?

We offer in-person classes around Chicago. Say hello if you’d like to host us for a pop up at your event or in your city.

We also have online classes that you can enjoy from wherever you are?

How long is an Inner Workout class?

Class experiences range from 30 – 60 minutes.

The team

Taylor Elyse Morrison

Inner Workout is the brainchild of Taylor Elyse Morrison. She’s on a mission to help others beat burnout through sustainable self-care practices.  Taylor studied Human and Organizational Development at Vanderbilt University. She started her career in a corporate leadership development program, went on to become the first full-time employee and Vice President of Operations at a wellness startup, and is now a founder herself.  Taylor  is a certified group fitness instructor and a registered 200 hr yoga teacher.  


Deanna Badong

Deanna moved from San Francisco, CA to Chicago, IL leaving her family behind and was in a situation where she felt lost and burned out. She started to read all the recommended self study books and maintained a consistent meditation practice, but she wanted to go deeper and find a supportive practice to help her figure out what she truly wanted in life. Enter Inner Workout and Taylor. 

After her first Inner Workout class, Deanna began to acknowledge her inner wisdom and learned what “responding in the most loving way possible” meant. Immediately excited about the mission of Inner Workout, Deanna became a Certified Inner Workout Facilitator and shortly after began her work as Community Operations Specialist. With a background in data science and a personal connection to the vision of Inner Workout, Deanna cultivates and holds space for others to have the best Inner Workout experience. When she isn’t working on a project for the Inner Workout community, she is going on long walks with her husband and dog, searching for the best cup of coffee in the city, or reading a book.