Feel cared for in your daily life.

We're your self-care support system—here to help you do the inner work in a way that works for you.
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We check in on the strong friends.

You’re used to projecting strength. From the outside, it looks like you’ve got it together. You’re always there to offer a word of encouragement or to take care of someone else.

But, if you’re honest, you don’t feel fully supported.

Led by our founder, Taylor Elyse Morrison, we help you find support from the inside out.

Our approach to self-care moves beyond bubble baths and sheet masks.

We see self-care as an ongoing process of listening within and responding in the most loving way possible.

It’s time for you to receive the support you deserve.

The work begins within.

The five dimensions of wellbeing™

Inspired by yogic philosophy + informed by science, the five dimensions allow you to care for the whole you.


This dimension explores how well you know  and how you care for your body.
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This dimension focuses on your breath and how you relate to energy in your daily life.
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Mental + Emotional

This dimension looks at what comes into and flows out of your mind.
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This dimension explores your relationship to your own inner knowledge.
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This dimension explores your connection to yourself and to the world around you.
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(Inner) work with us.

Self-care doesn't have to be solo care. Let us join you on your journey inwards with resources that meet you where you're at.

Take Care Assessment

Answer the question, "How are you, really?" with our free Take Care assessment. This 75 question assessment measures your well-being across five dimensions and gives you three personalized practices based on your results.



The Inner Circle is our monthly membership. For $5 a month, you get exclusive discounts, a live podcast recording and Q + A, and a secret newsletter with curated recommendations.


Self-paced content

You can grow your own way. Do inner work on your schedule with our self-paced courses, workbooks, and masterclasses. People are currently loving our Scroll with Intention mini course.


Live learning experiences

Thrive on the energy of knowing other people are doing the work with you? Us too. Our live, virtual events range from one-off workshops to masterclasses to workshop series.



Begin Within is our four-month coaching container for self-aware overachievers. Our next cohort starts in Summer 2023. In the mean time, follow three women's journeys through the Begin Within program.


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