We all know that one person who planned out their life in the fifth grade and seem to have spent the following decades diligently checking the boxes their little hands once created.

Get into a top-rated university. ✅
Go to grad school. ✅
Meet life partner. ✅
Start dream career. ✅

And, if you're honest, sometimes you feel a teensy bit jealous of their journey. They've got their whole life mapped out with such certainty, while you're sitting here not entirely sure what's next.

Something's gotta be wrong with you, right?

Not at all.

That acquaintance of yours is the exception, not the rule.

Certainty is an unrealistic goal in a world where change is the only constant.  

In fact, I'd bet that if you had a conversation with that one person, they'd giggle at your perception of their life and list off all the things that didn't go as planned.

Trying to peer into a crystal ball and find certainty keeps you stuck, discouraged, and unable to savor the beauty in front of you.

What's Next? is a free workshop on June 25th from 12 - 1 pm CST where we'll debunk the myth of certainty and orient you towards new possibilities.


What we'll cover

In our hour together, we'll explore:
- Three popularly held beliefs about certainty and how to reframe them
- What clarity offers that certainty can't
- The question you can ask yourself instead of, "What's next?"

Frequently asked questions:

How much does this cost?

There's no cost! It's a free workshop.

Do I need to bring anything?

If you're a note taker, you might want to have something to take notes handy!

Will there be a recording?

Yup! We'll send out a recording within 24 hours.