DIY Self-Care Retreat

What does self-care look like for you? For some, it can be spending time in solitude while dancing to music. For others, it's an extended journaling session. No matter where you fall on this spectrum, taking care of yourself is one of the most important things you can do. A lack of intentional self-care can lead to mental and physical exhaustion.

Self care is always important, and it's even more important these days. Even as the world opens up, we feel more isolated than ever, and many of us are feeling financial strain.

Finding ways to care for you might be feel like more of a burden, or maybe you just aren't sure where to start. No worries! We've put together a Do-It-Yourself Self Care Day Retreat that you enjoy from the comfort of your own home. Keep reading to get started!

How do you take a self-care day?

The Week Before Your Self-Care Day

Clear your schedule - Self care is all about you! Having alone time gives you a chance to nurture the relationship you have with yourself. This is also a great opportunity to check-in with your five dimensions of wellbeing. Our Take Care assessment can help you learn more about yourself and your needs. With its personalized practices, you'll already have three activities for your self care day!

Gather your necessities - We designed this self care retreat to include items that most of us have at home.  If you're missing something, do your best with what you got! as long as you feel good about what you have, that's all that matters. Here are a few things to have on hand:

  • A journal
  • Book(s) of your choosing
  • Art supplies (markers, colored pencils, paper, etc.)
  • Water
  • Favorite snacks
  • Candles
  • Your phone or a camera
  • Anything else that will support your self care

Get excited - Self care day retreats are the perfect time to bring your inner child out to play! Let them lead the day. Your inner child will thank you!

The Night Before Your Self-Care Day

Prepare to unplug tomorrow! - Turn off the alarms. Set your phone to do not disturb. Tell the group chat you will be MIA for a day, and do social media sweep. Go ahead and tell your followers you'll see them in 24 hours because you have a hot date, with yourself. Congratulations!

Cleanse your space - In other words, clean it up! You'll want to go into your self care retreat day with clarity, flow, and relaxation. It will be harder to focus with dishes in the sink and clutter in your living space!

Savor the moment - Leave a sticky note to remind yourself to move slowly.This is a day without the hustle and bustle you've grown used to. There's no rush. There are no time limits. There are no restrictions. Move with ease, and go with the flow.

The Day of Your Self-Care Retreat Day


  • Nourish your body - Start your morning with a cup of water, tea, fruit, etc.
  • Move your body - Find a movement that feels good to you. You might stretch, do yoga, go for a run, or do an on-demand Inner Workout practice
  • Set your intentions + express gratitude - Pull out your journal. Write about what you'd like to accomplish for the day and 10 things you are grateful for.
  • Meditate - Choose a guided meditation via YouTube, our mini meditation library, or your favorite app. (The Insight Timer App. is a great choice!) Use affirmations to remind yourself of your greatness and all that you deserve. You can find some affirmation inspiration here.
  • Get outside - Notice the clouds, trees, people, laughter of children, the breeze, and all the things that normally may go unnoticed. Take photos or notes.
  • Do something you love to do - There are no rights our wrongs. Do whatever you want!

Reminder: You deserve joy, happiness, ease, and love!


  • Check in with yourself - How are you feeling? What do you need? Is it time for lunch or a snack?
  • Read or watch something that adds to your mental wellness - In this episode of Taking Care with our content lead Pariss, she gives great tips on connecting with the world within and around you!
  • Get creative - Choose a word. Pull out your favorite art supplies and use them to create a drawing, painting, etc, showing what your chosen word means to you. It doesn't need to look perfect, just have fun!
  • Rest - whether you feel like you need to or not, take a break! Breathe, relax, let all your cares wash away.
  • Do something out of your ordinary - Think of those things you've always wanted to try, and actually doing one of them!

Reminder: Self-care is doing the work. You are doing the work!


  • Try a new or favorite recipe - Can't think of anything? Check out this list! (Don't forget dessert!)
  • Cleanse your body - Wash away the energies of the day by spending some intentional time cleansing your whole being.
  • Watch your favorite childhood movie - Hopefully your inner child has had some time to play today, but you can't go wrong with a little extra fun.
  • Get quiet - It's journal time again!  Reflect and process your retreat day. How was it? What did you enjoy the most? How did you feel as the day progressed? Did you move with gentleness and ease?
  • Do something that will make you proud tomorrow - Set yourself up for ease and success! This might be a great time to create tomorrow's to-do list, read a few extra pages in your book, or wash the dishes!

Reminder: Taking care of yourself is necessary and beautiful. You are restoring your power!

Feel free to move things around or swap activities out to fit your lifestyle and liking! This is your day, so make it one that you'll truly enjoy.

Taylor Elyse Morrison

About the author

Taylor is the founder and author of Inner Workout. She's also an ICF-certified coach, a certified meditation + mindfulness practitioner, and was named one of Fortune's 10 Innovators Shaping the Future of Health.