Taking Care with Pariss Garner


Pariss Garner is the latest addition to the Inner Workout team. Welcome our new Content Lead! She is also a writer and educator who helps others find the confidence and tools to take care of and become their best and most authentic selves.

After taking the Take Care Assessment, it was found that Pariss scored highest in connecting to something bigger which falls under the Bliss Dimension. How do you connect with self and the world around you?

To take care of yourself means to take care of your community - immediate and distant. There's no possible way that we can pour from an empty cup, connecting with self allows you the opportunity to see and understand your self-care needs. For tips on how to connect, keep reading!

Pariss' Tips for Connecting

  1. Go Where Your Heart Is

For 15 years, Pariss followed her heart and worked with children in different capacities. Although she is no longer in the childcare industry, she's been able to take everything she has learned and is now able to apply these lessons and wisdoms to different areas of life. Doing what makes your heart feel good will lead you down the road paved just for you.

  1. Figure Out What Works For You

It's important to understand what you believe and why so that you can have a stronger relationship and connection with your self and the world around you. In doing this, you will create more meaningful relationships and experiences for yourself. Pariss uses journaling, Astrology, Numerology, and ancestral work to gain a deeper understanding of herself, where she comes from, and the work she must do while on this earth. Do some writing, get a reading, learn more about you!

  1. Spend Time Alone

Get alone with your thoughts, your dreams, your needs. Pariss says alone time is the best time! Although it can be overwhelming and a bit intimidating, it gets easier over time. She uses different forms of meditation to be able to hear herself - examples such as prayer, going for a walk in nature, guided meditations, etc.

And when it gets hard, don't forget to reach out to those who love you for some TLC. You are never truly alone.

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