Pariss Garner

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After teaching + working with tiny humans for 15 years, Pariss decided to make the switch to the creative world. Along with her role as Content Lead for Inner Workout, Pariss is a freelance writer, dabbles in photography + design, and thoroughly enjoys trying new recipes. She hopes to one day land a spot on an episode of Chopped - with other novice chefs. She’s no professional, by any means.

Over the last few years, Pariss has learned how to do the work to  become her best + most authentic self. Her number one purpose in life is to share that wisdom to help others acquire the resources, skills, and confidence to take care of + show up as their full selves. She’s considered a ‘personal cheerleader’ to many. If you need an energy boost, she’s your girl!

Pariss loves dancing, long walks on the beach (well, the lake), iced coffee in the morning + making others smile. It’s been said that her humor is top tier. In her free time, you can find her binging The Office for the 108th time, and searching for Chicago’s best French fries, cinnamon rolls and tacos. Or sleeping. She sleeps a lot.

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