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You're ready to build an approach to self-care that meets you where you're at: self-care that fits into your schedule and tends to your current needs.

The Take Care assessment gave you a starting point, but you're looking for even more personalized support.

The 60 minute debrief session is part coaching and part self-care strategy. Over the course of the session we'll:

- Answer your questions about your results
- Review the key insights from your profile
- Determine the most impactful next steps for strengthening your self-care and deepening your inner work

Book your session for $150
Inner Workout founder Taylor Elyse Morrison, a short, Black woman stares out of a window

I'm Taylor. Inner Workout is my brainchild, birthed after working in culture and change management at a Fortune 100, being the first full-time employee at a wellness startup, and burning myself out too many times. The more I do my own inner work, the more passionate I am about supporting others as they reconnect to themselves.

Maybe it's my degree from Vanderbilt in Human and Organizational Development, with a focus on Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness, but I identify as more of a coach and facilitator than a teacher. Turns out I'm pretty good at leading folks towards their own answers. I regularly facilitate for Fortune 500 organizations including Google and Goodyear. With Inner Workout, I get to use those skills to work towards a world without burnout.

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