Self-Care Support Masterclass

Wednesday, October 12th from 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm CST

An Inner Workshop for people who know that

going it alone won't help them reach their goals


It's February 15th.

Your life looks pretty much the same as it did on December 31.

That wouldn't be such a bad thing—if you hadn't set the intentions and written the goals about how ✨different✨ your life would be this year.

Now going through your daily motions feels like a reminder that you've fallen short.

There's an 80% chance that this has
been your story at some point.

But it doesn't have to be your story this year.

According to U.S. News and World Report, 80% percent of people quit their resolutions by mid-February.

Speaking as someone who's been a member of #Club80, I've got a hunch as to why we through in the towel.

We spend tons of time mapping out our goals and basically no time thinking about the support we'll need to reach them.

We try to be superheroes who can do it all on our own.

Meanwhile, the people with sustained success are also the people who are the most supported.

Think about it:

Beyoncé and Jay-Z have 57 Grammys and several companies between the two of them. They also reportedly have six nannies.

LeBron James is in the 18th year of his NBA career. He currently spends over $1.5 million each year on practices, partners, and products to help him maintain peak performance.

And it's not all about spending money. Two time NYT bestselling author, Luvvie Ajayi, has a group of ride-or-die friends she calls the Voltron that have helped her navigate the highs and lows of her career.

If you're reading this and rolling your eyes thinking, "Must be nice to be so rich." I hear you.

These examples certainly have a level of financial privilege that *eye* don't have.

While I can't deposit a cool seven figures into your bank account, I can show you how to seek support—no matter where you're starting from.

Is this the year you'll build the

support system you deserve?

What we'll cover in the Self-Care Support Masterclass:

The Five Dimensions of Wellbeing

- Use the Take Care assessment to help you identify where you most need support
- Deepen your understanding of the Five Dimensions and how they're currently showing up in your life


- How to build self-care practices that feel supportive instead of like another thing you have to do
- The two types of practices that everyone needs in their back pocket


- The relationship between self-expertise and seeking outside input
- How to find partners even if your money situation isn't like LeBron's


- How to relate to product purchases without becoming a minimalist or maxing out your credit card
- The question that will save you hours and dollars

What to expect:

Experiential, engaging learning

Theory is great and all, but practice is where the magic happens. You'll map out your support system and develop a game plan for filling in any gaps.

Real-time feedback

This Masterclass is two hours for a reason! There's plenty of time for collaboration and for Q+A. If you've ever had questions about what to do after reading your Take Care profile, this is the time to get your questions answered.

Community cheat codes

Remember, the name of the game here is not going it alone. Instead of starting your support system from scratch, you'll be able to hear what's working—and not working—for other folks in the workshop. You just saved yourself a lot of time and energy.


The Self-Care Support Masterclass
is for you if:
- You'd like to skip the mid-February meltdown this year, thank you very much
- You're ready to put down your superhero cape and receive the support you deserve
- You want more personalized feedback on how you can apply the Five Dimensions concepts to your daily life
- You approach group conversations with empathy and curiosity

Jumpstart your Self-Care Support on January 15th from 11:30 am - 1:30 pm CST

$19 - $39

Self-selecting sliding scale

Inner Workout founder Taylor Elyse Morrison, a short, Black woman stares out of a window

I'm Taylor. Inner Workout is my brainchild, birthed after working in culture and change management at a Fortune 100, being the first full-time employee at a wellness startup, and burning myself out too many times. The more I do my own inner work, the more passionate I am about supporting people as they reconnect to themselves.

Maybe it's my degree from Vanderbilt in Human and Organizational Development, with a focus on Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness, but I identify as more of a facilitator than a teacher. Turns out I'm pretty good at leading folks towards their own answers. I regularly facilitate for Fortune 500 organizations, including Google. With Inner Workout, I get to use those facilitation chops to work towards a world without burnout.

Frequently asked questions:

Just double checking. This is virtual, right?

Yup. We'll be using the platform that you've come to know and love, Zoom.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

Tickets are non-refundable, but they are transferable. If you can find a friend or colleague who'd like your ticket, we're happy to transfer the ticket to them.

What will I need in order to fully participate?

You'll need to complete the free Take Care assessment before the workshop kicks off. Other than than that, you'll just need an internet connection. If you're a handwritten notes type of person, make sure you've got your favorite pen and notebook handy.

Will there be a recording?

Not this time. This version of the Self-Care Support Masterclass is designed to be a live experience. We plan to launch a digital version later this year. Click here to join the waitlist.