Necessary evil.
Guilty pleasure.
The ultimate distraction.
Portal of inspiration.

You're not the only one whose relationship with screens is complicated.

Let's change that.

Scroll with Intention is a reflective journey to help you transition your screen time from a passive compulsion to a sovereign choice in seven days.


You're shoulding yourself.

When it comes to screens and social media, we've all got our own "should" story.

You should delete all the apps. You should be posting more. You shouldn't enjoy a leisurely scroll. Your screen time should be more fun, shouldn't it?

Through bite-sized video lessons and actionable worksheets, Scroll with Intention will help you sift through your shoulds to honestly define how you want to use your screens.

Potent and practical

Each day's lesson and reflective exercise will help you redefine your screen time in less than 20 minutes

Day One

Take an honest look at your relationship to your screens

Day Two

Have an embodied scrolling experience

Day Three

Reclaim your agency and ability to choose

Day Four

Cultivate supportive boundaries

Day Five

Find ease and create friction

Day Six

Set crystal clear expectations

Day Seven

Make a commitment to yourself

Frequently asked questions:

How long will I have access to the content?

You'll have lifetime access to the content!

Will this mini-course tell me exactly what to do?

Telling people what to do isn't really our style. We offer plenty of examples and suggestions, but it's ultimately up to you to work through the content and find what feels good for you.

What's included again?

You'll get seven mini-video lessons, a digital workbook, and lifetime access to this content for whenever your boundaries needs a refresh.

Sounds like you’d love the Group Chat! The Group chat is our online membership which includes: discounts on offerings like Scroll with Intention,  monthly events, access to our online community (which has a weekly accountability thread!), and a secret newsletter with curated recommendations.