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Self discovery is for everyone. We offer most classes and events on a self-selecting sliding scale.

Inner Co-working

February 13, 2022
A low pressure space to do that self care thing you've been meaning to do. It's free. It's audio only. Cozy outfits are *highly* encouraged.

Frequently asked questions:

Is the Inner Workout practice a fitness class?

In an Inner Workout class, you’ll move your body. You might even sweat. However, Inner Workout isn’t about burning calories or changing your body. This is a space for you to practice listening and responding to yourself.

Who is Inner Workout for?

Inner Workout is for every body. Inner Workout is for you.

What will I need for class?

As long as you have a mat, a journal, and a pen, you’re good to go!

Where can I take a class?

We offer a virtual Inner Workout practice every month. In a non-pandemic world, we host classes around Chicago.

Say hello if you'd like us to host an Inner Workout for your organization, at your event, or in your city!

How long is an Inner Workout class or workshop?

Class experiences range from 30 - 60 minutes. Workshops generally range from an hour to two hours.

How does sliding scale pricing work?

For most events, we offer three tiers of pricing. We post a graphic with statements describing three different lifestyles. You choose the pricing associated with the lifestyle that seems most like yours. We trust you.

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