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Glow Suncatcher

$ 12.50 USD

You know that mix of wonder and delight that bubbles up when you see a rainbow? We think you should be able to access that feeling every single day.

So we made you the Glow Suncatcher.  

At first glance, it's a clear sticker with a reminder we all could use: Let your light glow.

But just wait until you place this baby on a window with direct sunlight...it creates rainbows!

As the Glow Suncatcher makes your days brighter, know that you've also brightened someone else's day.

We're donating 5% of the revenue from every Glow Suncatcher sold to Sista Afya's Community Care fund, which provides free community mental wellness care for women experiencing multiple barriers to care.


  • Free shipping via USPS First Class Mail for up to two suncatchers
  • 3.5" x 5"
  • Creates rainbows when placed in direct sunlight
  • Can be moved to different windows—as long as you're gentle
  • Packaged in a compostable, clear sleeve with an instruction insert printed on recycled paper
  • Made in the USA

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