When to Take Care

October 23, 2021

Taking Care

We use the word care a lot around here, so it's probably helpful to clarify what we mean by taking care in this blog post. In this instance, we're not talking about the general idea of taking care of yourself. We're talking about when our Take Care assessment and profile can be especially helpful to you.

If you're not familiar, Take Care is our 75 question self care assessment that measures wellbeing across five dimensions. Then, it gives you three self care practices based on your results.

Hopefully that clears things up! Let's get into it.

Self care is seasonal

You know that we love to share our definition of self care: listening within and responding in the most loving way possible. And very often, we listen and feel called to the same loving response. Our practices keep working for us...until they don't. All of the sudden the rituals that once supported us don't feel so supportive any more.

Chances are, you've entered a new life season without even realizing it. You might have entered a new season if:

These transitional moments are when Take Care comes in handy.

Types of life seasons

When we talk about seasons, your mind might jump straight to nature. That's definitely one kind of season. If you look more deeply, you'll find seasonality in other parts of your life, too. Your self care needs will change as the seasons change. Here are some seasons you might see in your own life:

So when do I Take Care?

Your best bet is to Take Care when you feel like you're in a time of transition. If you're a person who likes a clear recommendation, once every three months is a good starting point. You can check in with yourself at the beginning or end of each quarter.

Ask yourself, "What's changed?" If the answer is, a lot, it might be time to Take Care.

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