Taking Care with Steph Barron Hall


Steph Hall is the woman behind Nine Types Co. and the author of The Enneagram in Love. After studying psychology in college, Steph was introduced to the Enneagram and has been hooked ever since. She spends her time learning and teaching others how to use the Enneagram's wisdom in their daily lives!

When we asked Steph to take our Take Care Assessment , she scored highest in the embodiment sub dimension that falls under the overarching physical dimension.

Embodiment can be defined as a connection to your body, often times we are just existing within our bodies, not necessarily present within. Maybe our thoughts are stuck in the past or anxious about the future, but what about what's happening now? Being aware of how your mind and body function together is key.

Move Your Body To Stay Connected

Stay active

Steph uses yoga to create and maintain awareness within. But that's just one way to activate your system. Working out, going for walks, yoga, are just a few options when it comes to moving intentionally.

Do what feels good

If you don't like it...if it doesn't feel good, don't do it! Honoring the desires of your mind and body allows you to connect with self and truly embody all of you.

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