Taking Care with Anna Russett

Taylor Elyse Morrison

Anna Russett is a talented creator and strategist, but she's gifted at more than her work. Anna also knows a thing or two about getting a good night's rest. Keep reading for her sleep hygiene tips.

When we asked Anna to take our Take Care assessment, she scored highest in the sleep sub-dimension.

You might be wondering why sleep shows up in a self care assessment. In Take Care, sleep falls under the Mental + Emotional dimension.

Think about the person you are when you're well rested. Then think about the person you are when you're running on just a few hours of sleep. There's probably a pretty stark difference. And that distinction is why sleep is foundational to self care.

Anna's Tips for Sleep Hygiene

1. Remember that any rest is productive

It's easy to feel anxious when you're having trouble falling asleep. Anna always comes back to the advice her dad gave her as a child, "Even if you're not sleeping, you're resting by laying down by taking the time to just lay in bed. Your body is resting and it is better than like if you're up doing something."

Don't stare at the clock and count down the hours before your alarm will go off. Allow yourself to rest in whatever form it takes.

2. Use sounds to help you sleep

Anna uses sounds to help her drift off. Her favorites are Headspace's Sleepcasts and the Youtube Channel, Dreamy Sound.

"It helps to really focus on something while I'm falling asleep," she says.

3. Feel grateful for your sleep space

Gratitude is always a good idea, even at bed time. Take a moment to be grateful for everything that makes your space so cozy. Your pillows. Your blankets. Your pajamas.

In Anna's experience, it helps her "get into the right place to drift off into sleep."


You can stay connected with Anna Russett on Instagram and Twitter.

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