How Artist Tiffany Wong Takes Care


Tiffany Wong is an artist who explores healing and decolonization through art.

Hey Tiffany. Can you introduce yourself. How do you spend your days?

I spend my days compiling and sharing my thoughts centered on my journey in self acceptance as an Asian American woman and anti-racism work. Many of the times I share snippets of those things on Instagram. Another way it takes form is into an art piece and other times it into yoga or meditation. I feel pretty compelled to have some sort of release of all those thoughts and emotions, because it laying stagnant in my body isn't a fun experience! Also, a couple of hours I have hustle work as a child care provider, which I love and brings me a different kind of energy. Socially, I'm always getting together with people I love!

What does self-care mean to you?

It means giving myself self kindness while investing in respect for myself. Sometimes It looks like being flexible and skipping my yoga practice. Other times it looks like doing that yoga practice because I'm investing in how I will feel after the practice. I'm practicing cultivating the deepest and most honest voice, because I think that it's always there - but it's often overridden by lies about being not enough or having to prove myself. Laughing is also important to me, and I'm learning how to incorporate it into my life more.

What's your biggest self-care struggle?

Extending self kindness and grace to myself. It's really hard, because I know what to think and how to act in my head. Doing it in an honest self-vulnerable way is really difficult for me. I'm constantly invalidating my experiences and saying that "it's not a big deal." The consequence of that is pushing things down without really facing what is really happening. Thank goodness for therapy though! It's been such a relief to have a space to be as honest as I can, and have a non-judgmental space to do that.

Can you tell me about your most cherished self-care practice?

My most cherished self-care practice has been art, which I've been focusing on painting in the past couple of years. It's a place where I can practice shamelessness, self kindness, vulnerability, and playfulness while being mindful. Any way that connects me to my physical body is helpful, and painting has been a really nice way to do that. Not only does it help with being present, it also is a enjoyable way to have an outlet to my emotions.

Do you have any self-care tips or tricks you'd like to share?

Listen to your most honest inner voice. What do you really want to do? And not what others expect of you. Cultivating that kind of courage and playfulness takes practice. It feels weird at first, but the more you do it, the more natural it will feel.

"Listen to your most honest inner voice. What do you want to do? "
Tiffany Wong

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