Doing your inner work through the monthly Inner Worksheet


When I founded Inner Workout, the goal was always to get people in conversation with themselves. That's where the inner work begins. It doesn't happen by reading advice from another expert or buying another well-marketed product. It comes from within.

It all sounds so simple—until you realize that the inner work is, in fact, work. Not the back-breaking or counting down the minutes until Friday kind of work. Rather, it's the kind of work that asks you to keep showing up.

Getting to know yourself doesn't immediately feel as satisfying as feeling your skin after doing a sheet mask. The benefits unfold over time. You begin to notice nuances in your emotions. You build self trust. You pause where you once would have blindly pushed forward.


For me, Inner Workout's five dimensions of wellbeing have been critical to my own inner work.

They gave me language to speak to the different aspects of my being.

I have to know the physical, energetic, mental + emotional, wisdom, + bliss parts of me if I am going to fully know myself.

That can happen in an Inner Workout class or through a Take Care assessment, but I can also build self knowledge by asking myself five questions that relate to each of the five dimensions.

Those questions form our monthly Inner Workout sheet. I recommend doing the worksheet at the end of the month, as a way reflect before you set your intention for the month to come.


Inner work doesn't have to take a long time to be meaningful. Most months, I spend 10 - 15 minutes with my worksheet, and there's always some unexpected insight that comes into focus. Below is a peek at one of my own inner worksheets.

My Inner Worksheet

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