17 Self Care Quotes for Your Self Care Journey

March 20, 2021

At Inner Workout, we define self care as listening within and responding in the most loving way possible. By that definition, your self care journey will always be evolving and unfolding.

Every life transition offers an invitation for you to pause and ask, "What does self care mean to me in this new season of life?"

You don't have to reflect on your own. You can seek the support of your community, use a resource like the Take Care Assessment, or learn from those who have walked similar paths.

We've compiled self care quotes from some of our favorite artists, leaders and thinkers who share the wisdom they've learned on their personal journey. Scroll through for words of encouragement from people like adrienne maree brown, Michelle Obama, and Chani Nicholas.

Whether you're in a season of joy, grief, or busyness, you'll find a self care quote for you. Your ability to listen to and to love yourself will get you good times and bad.

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