The Inner workout practice

A self care activity for your whole being

Our classes blend gentle movement, energetic breathwork, mindful journaling, active meditation, and introspection to help you practice self care.
For only $21, you will receive three digital classes you can access over and over again.
Each class is designed to bring you to a better physical and mental space  – from the comfort of your own home.

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From the experts

“Inner Workout helps me reconnect with my body, mind, and spirit no matter how stressed or overwhelmed I feel before I walk into (or log onto) a class. I love how holistically it integrates my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves. After every class I feel grounded and whole.”
“Inner Workout is truly amazing. As someone who really values her faith and spirituality, I had been looking for a way to combine caring for my body and caring for my soul all at once. Inner Workout has given me exactly that! I always leave feeling refreshed, loosened up in every sense of the word, and with a fresh perspective to take into my week.”

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