Did creating an Inner Workout Self-Care Gift Guide spark a bit of an existential crisis? Yeah, it did. 😅

If you know us, you know that we're big believers in the fact that self-care doesn't have to cost a thing. We worried that creating a gift guide would feel misaligned, but y'all told us it's exactly what you wanted.

We listened, and we built a gift guide infused with our ethos. We believe that products are most supportive when they remove barriers, deepen existing self-care experiences, and create pleasure. Our hope is that you see those principles reflected in our selections.

We've got products at many price points and from businesses of all sizes. Scroll down to view our selections, or use the buttons below to focus on a specific dimension of well-being.

One last thing: some of these links are affiliate links. Affiliate links tell the business that we sent you. They cost you nothing, and you support the work of Inner Workout when you click the links below. Thank you! 💚

Jubilee Gift Set

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This adorable gift set includes an organic essential oil blend and a diffuser key chain. Unlike essential oil MLMs who perpetuate harm, Savhera employs survivors of sex trafficking and pays them more than a living wage. Get 10% off when you shop via our link.

Obé Fitness Subscription

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Fun-filled, live-streamed workouts for the person who thrives on accountability but doesn't always like to leave home. There's nothing more motivating than hearing the instructor give you a shout out. Obé has a variety of class styles (kickboxing! pilates! yoga!), and the average class clocks in at 28 minutes.

Tune In Card Deck

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Written by Inner Workout founder Taylor Elyse Morrison, the Tune In card deck is a beautifully illustrated tool for people who want to have richer—and kinder—conversations with themselves

Facial Steamer

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We think of facial steamers as a skincare tool, but they help you practice mindfulness, too. It's hard to multi-task when you're sitting in front of a steamer. The aesthetics of the Vanity Planet x Honest steamer are *chef's kiss.*

Watercolor Art Kit

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Let's Make Art is Bob Ross' younger, chicer cousin. Each kit includes just enough supplies to create a work of art and step-by-step videos to guide the creative process.