Wanna know how much to invest in your 401k? There's a formula for that.

The process of investing in your personal development isn't so cut and dry.

It's not like there's a lack of self-investment options.

Your TBR pile is about to topple over.

Your podcast queue could last a road trip.

And very third IG Story sells you a program or course with lowkey scammer vibes.

There are plenty of ways to invest in yourself, so how do you know what you need?
Investing (in Yourself) 101 is a free workshop on August 24th from 7 - 8 pm CST where we'll break down the basics of self-investment.


What we'll cover

In our hour together, we'll explore:

- The three currencies of self-investment
- How to use those currencies to build a personal development portfolio that doesn't break your budget
- How Kasia, Begin Within coaching alum and founder of financial wellness brand, Good Fortune, approaches personal development investments


Taylor is the founder of Inner Workout and coach who's been both a personal development creator and consumer.


Kasia is a personal development enthusiast and an alum of the first Begin Within coaching cohort. Her journey led her to found Good Fortune, a financial wellness company.


Frequently asked questions:

How much does this cost?

There's no cost! It's a free workshop.

Do I need to bring anything?

If you're a note taker, you might want to have something to take notes handy!

Will there be a recording?

Yup! We'll send out a recording the morning before the workshop. You'll be able to access it until Wednesday, August 31 at 11:59 pm CST.