It's the beginning of the month. You're sitting down with your planner and a fresh new journal you bought just for the occasion. You open up your Google calendar as you take a sip of your favorite beverage and start to block off chunks of "you time" throughout the month. You're tired of treating yourself like a low priority.

"This time will be different," you whisper to yourself. This is the month where you'll finally sit down with those journaling prompts, make room for mindful play, try that DIY nail design, or finish the book that's been in your TBR for ages.

Fast forward to the end of the month. Despite your best intentions, most of that "you time" slid off your calendar as soon as you felt like someone else needed you. Turns out it's harder for you to show up for an appointment with yourself than to show up for the people in your life.

You know how important self-care is. In fact you're the friend who's always reminding everyone else to take care of themselves, but, if you're being honest, it's hard for you to take your own advice.

We made The Inner Working Group Chat for you. (Real friends call it The Group Chat for short. 😉)


The Group Chat is where self-care actually happens.

You could keep trying to make self-care happen on your own, or you could allow yourself to receive the support you deserve. Each month, the Group Chat holds space for reflection, connection, and aligned action.

Here's what your monthly membership gets you:

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The best thing about Inner Workout is you. Y'all keep it real, and you care—a lot. The conversations that happen in our DMs and at our events are *chef's kiss*. Now you can access those kinds of conversations at any time. Our digital community space, hosted on doesn't-sell-your-data dream boat, Geneva, has rooms for celebration, accountability, and geeking out. All of you is welcome here.

We're serious about creating an inclusive community, so every community member goes through a micro training to approach the group chat with empathy, curiosity, and kindness.

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Join the conversation for $11/month

Care-filled accountability –
"You time" feels like more of a priority when you know other people will be there, too. Use live events to practice the self-care you need or post on the weekly accountability thread for a loving push.

Choose your own adventure – Take what you need from the Group Chat, and don't stress the rest. Whether it's joining events, using the discounts on the offerings that call your name, or chatting it up in the community, make your membership work for you.

Community care – You're not the only one who's still figuring it out. In the Group Chat, you'll meet other folks who are willing to have real talk about their self-care journeys.