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The Inner Working Group Chat is a gathering of experts* who are connecting to their whole selves and to each other.

*No, you don't need a fancy title or letters after your name to join the group chat. Because you're already an expert. You're the premier expert on you. The group chat is a place where you can proudly own the title of being your own best expert.


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The best thing about Inner Workout is you. Y'all keep it real, and you care—a lot. The conversations that happen in our DMs and at our events are *chef's kiss*. Now you can access those kinds of conversations at any time. Our digital community space, hosted on doesn't-sell-your-data dream boat, Geneva, has rooms for celebration, exchange, accountability, and geeking out. All of you is welcome here.

We're serious about creating an inclusive community, so every community member goes through a micro training to approach the group chat with empathy, curiosity, and kindness.

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