Managing your election anxiety 

The election is a few short weeks away. It’s adding an extra layer of uncertainty to a year that’s already been marked by upheaval. Your election anxiety is completely warranted.

While, unfortunately, we can’t make your election anxiety disappear, we can help you think through the best ways to manage it.

Election Anxiety Mail In Ballot Red Mask

Notice your election anxiety

We spend a lot of time trying to ignore our anxiety when one of the most useful things you can do is stare it in the face. Get acquainted with your election anxiety.

Notice when it pops up. Do you feel it bubbling up when you watch the news? When you’re scrolling Twitter? When you talk to a certain person?

Understanding what causes your election anxiety to creep up is the first step to managing it.


Find your loving response

At Inner Workout, we talk about self-care as listening within and responding in the most loving way possible.

Once you’ve pinpointed your anxiety triggers, it’s time to identify your loving response.

Sometimes you need to step back from all of the noise, and sometimes you need to find a more meaningful way to engage.

“Sometimes you need to step back from all of the noise, and sometimes you need to find a more meaningful way to engage.”

Loving responses can look like:

  • Limiting your daily news intake
  • Taking a social media break
  • Getting involved with a local organization
  • Turning off news notifications
  • Trying a new hobby
  • Muting certain social media accounts
  • Having hard conversations with people in your sphere of influence

Call in reinforcements 

You’re not alone in experiencing election anxiety. Share your heart with your loved ones. Ask for the support you need, whether that’s a listening ear or an accountability partner. This might also be the right time for you to begin a relationship with a mental health professionalAnd our free, online community is always there to hold space for you on your self care journey.