Body Neutrality

February 9 ✺ 7 - 8 pm CST

$10 - $16

An Inner Workshop for people looking for a way to relate to their physical selves beyond body positivity.


What we'll cover

Define the relationship

-  Each of us enters this workshop with our own ways of seeing our bodies. We'll name our current relational patterns and highlight where there's room for change.

Neutrality skill-building

-Body neutrality doesn't always feel natural when you're just starting out. We'll work through practices to build your comfort with the languages and behaviors of body neutrality.

Develop a neutrality practice

- Pinpoint where and how to integrate your newfound neutrality into your day-to-day

What to expect

Experiential, engaging learning

Theory is great and all, but we're all about integration. You'll write. You'll move. You'll practice. And you'll leave with a clear picture of how to continue this work on your own.

Real talk

This session is 1/3 lecture, 1/3 conversation, and 1/3 introspection, allowing you to hear from yourself and your peers.


Frequently asked questions

Just double checking. This is virtual, right?

Yup. We'll be using the platform that you've come to know and love, Zoom.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

Tickets are non-refundable, but they are transferable. If you can find a friend or colleague who'd like your ticket, we're happy to transfer the ticket to them.

What will I need in order to fully participate?

Whatever you use to reflect—whether that's a Notion doc or a journal. You'll also want to be wearing comfortable clothing.

Will there be a recording?

This is designed to be a live, interactive experience, but we will be sending a recording to people who sign up as well.